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Certification Program | This program is open to every Pilates enthusiast

From the foundation of “Contrology” to the “Return to Life”

"We embark on a journey of knowledge of the human body, giving a voice to the dream of Joseph Pilates to inspire thousands of people around to world to practice Pilates."

- Miguel Silva

The UnoPilates School, run by Miguel Silva, has over 15 years of experience teaching the method. We have a team of well qualified professionals, which allows us to spread the benefits of the method with tenacity and zeal. Our purpose is to place in the job market highly prepared professionals and to guarantee that the diffusion of the method is done properly. To this end, we have developed our methodology where together we embark on a journey of self-knowledge and then pass it on to all those who seek our services.



Our certification program, designed and developed by Miguel Silva, is divided into 10 seminars (practical and theoretical parts) held on the weekends (Friday to Sunday, resp. Saturday to Sunday, depending on the studio). During these seminars you will learn how to work with your own body, as well as with a variety of clients according to their morphology / physiology, strengths, weaknesses and imbalances. You will learn how to use Pilates to bring the body back to the natural patterns of conscious movement providing a high quality of daily life.

Pre-requisite: a minimum of 20 private classes is required

   – 10 weekends (over a period of 14 months) of theory, practice, and case studies, from the foundation of Pilates to the most challenging exercises
   – In-studio training, observing classes, and your own practice, all of which is under the guidance and observation of a team member
   – At-home case studies
   – 3 exams (beginner, intermediate and final exam)

Requirements for the final exam:
Minimum 800 total hours of apprenticeship
Weekly classes with a certified teacher
Weekly student meetings for questions and answers with a member of the team
If you would like to apply, please send us an email! For additional information, please see our FAQs, or you are welcome to request a meeting with our team via Zoom or Whatsapp. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Program LocationsAlmadena, Portugal and Zurich, Switzerland




About Miguel Silva

Born in the city of Porto, Portugal, Miguel inherited at an early age his father's taste for physical activity. He practiced many sports including handball, basketball, football, field hockey, cycling, swimming, and surfing. All this interest in varied physical activity led him to truly understand that every human body is different and has different needs.

During his two years in the UK, Miguel started the practice of Yoga, increasing his interests in the body with an entirely different concept from his regular fitness regime. When back in Portugal, Miguel began his studies in Alternative Medicine, specializing in Shiatsu, Japanese massage technique, then later settled in Seville, Spain, perfecting the technique.

This is where he first experienced the Pilates Method. Miguel suffered from back pain due to his posture and muscle tightness, which limited the practice of his favourite sport, surfing. Through the practice of Pilates, he improved his surfing, gained flexibility, and practically eliminated the consistent pain in his lower back.

His curiosity of the Pilates Method and its depth led to several courses and workshops and the eventual founding of UnoPilates School in 2011. Miguel's school now has two locations - Almadena, Portugal and Zurich, Switzerland. In 2015 Miguel was one of 12 selected to enter the highly regarded certification program “The Work” at Vintage Pilates Studio under the mentorship of Jay Grimes, which he completed in 2016. When he’s not teaching for his school or working in his studio, Miguel can be found as a guest lecturer for conferences and workshops around the world.



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