The Spanish School of Authentic Pilates (Eedap) founded in 2005 is the partnership and collaboration of Authentic Pilates centers both nationally and internationally, forming hundreds of teachers both in Spain and in different countries.

The Eedap offers deep and comprehensive courses ranging from training method creation to its final stage, as it was designed by its creator JH Pilates and later by his direct disciple Roman Kryzanowska.

The Spanish School is currently headed by Mr. Fabien Menegon, certified Ms. Kryzanowska following his legacy and diffusion method.

Fabien Menegon, recognized as one of the best professionals, has 20 years of experience and dedication in teaching method and teacher training, with the help of its partners, he has reformed pedagogy of teaching traditional courses hitherto known in order to provide future professionals a precise knowledge of the method, improving performance and adapting it to modern times without losing the essence and accuracy of the original method.

It is for this reason that the formation of the Spanish School of Authentic Pilates is considered by professionals as the most complete and extensive course both nationally and internationally.



Start Date: January 20, 2018

Completion Date: December 16th, 2018



200 hours of theoretical: Classes will be held Saturday

400 hours of observation and practice: These hours will be distributed throughout the period of the course depending on the availability of each student and the study's opening hours (Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 21.00 h). Students who reside outside the certification center location will be able to perform under the tutelage of another teacher, hours of practice and observation necessary. After each seminar, the instructor should tell the student how to make their practices towards the next seminar and future reviews to improve their learning.

Manuals: In each seminar students will be given a manual which includes a list of exercises, the teacher's position, the elements needed to design an appropriate class for each client observation, the structure of each exercise, the pathologies and morphologies to take into account time to take the class, as well as aspects that each student must be present at the time to practice this exercise. All the manuals are an encyclopedia of the Pilates Method of more than 1,000 pages for the proper practice of the method.



Location #1: Center Pilates Barcelona, C / Girona 15 bajos 08010 Barcelona

Phone: 933 010 846





Location #2: Universo Pilates, C / Monte Carmelo 20, 41011 Sevilla

Phone: 954278421 / 672314265






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