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Classical Pilates and Chinese Medicine with Brooke Bergdahl (Tyler). 


Brooke has a fully equipped Gratz apparatus studio in Asheville NC and works online around the world mentoring, training and connected with Pilates instructors of varied trainings and experience. In addition Brooke trains professional athletes online and in studio. She’s brought classical Pilates to the WNBA in a way that these professional female basketball players are gaining strength, flexibility, stamina on the court, resilience through long seasons and injuries, and truly elite performance. 

Through Core Self Brooke is 

  • mentoring/training Pilates instructors online and in studio
  • training elite professional athletes 
  • teaching in person in her studio in group classes (have you heard of her Chisel class?!) and in private/semi sessions
  • offering a monthly on-demand video subscription (since 2018) so you can join for fun mat or Wunda Chair workouts when you press play
  • seeing acupuncture patients in Asheville in her studio and weaving the 5 Element philosophy of Chinese Medicine into Pilates training


CoreSelf Pilates


About Brooke Bergdahl | CoreSelf


Since 2003 Brooke has been teaching Classical Pilates and the Core Self teacher training now focuses on more customized mentoring for Pilates instructors, rather than training apprentices as she did for years at Clasique Acupuncture & Pilates studio. Teachers come to Brooke to feel stronger and inspired in their own practice, get curious and dive deeper as an instructor, and on the whole level up and grow through this movement practice that really becomes a way of living. 


Through the Core Self website teachers book 1:1 online session with Brooke, visit Asheville to train, join workshops online and in person, and take weekly live workouts on the mat and the apparatus. 

Since 2018, Core Self has offered an on-demand video subscription platform loaded with content on the mat and the Wunda Chair. Brooke’s workouts inside the Core Self subscription range from fundamentals to advanced, 5 minutes to 60, and meet the desires of teachers and students. Brooke keeps it fun, dynamic, classical and athletic. 


Over the years of integrating Pilate and Chinese Medicine, Brooke offers a really unique lens on training through the seasons and developing a Pilates practice that serves not just the body, but the whole person, the present moment, the greater journey, and tools to be empowered in whole health.  


Curious about Brooke and Core Self, jump in for more 

  • explore the Core Self website
  • if you’re a teacher, book a 1:1 online session
  • join the video subscription and build your personal practice
  • jump into a live weekly class online and see what her teaching is like
  • email Brooke to find out more about workshops, mentorship interests, and coming to visit Asheville!


Brooke’s longer bio and Pilates background : https://www.yourcoreself.com/brooke-tyler



website : https://www.yourcoreself.com/


for teachers w links to book : https://www.yourcoreself.com/for-teachers


video subscription : https://www.yourcoreself.com/coreself-membership


live classes : https://www.yourcoreself.com/live-classes


email : brooke@yourcoreself.com



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