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CoreSelf's Classical Pilates Workouts Help You...

  • Safely connect to your deepest core strength
  • Integrate that strength into your life "off the mat"
  • Have fun in the process!

Read on to learn the details, and be sure to experience a workout, too!



Learn & Train with Brooke Tyler


CoreSelf is your practice for cultivating connection to the core of who you are through all of life’s seasons. It’s about learning to own your strength and ease through a Pilates practice & applying Chinese medicine philosophies to the present season.

CoreSelf is about movement, healing, learning and practicing presence on your journey. Brooke Tyler is a Pilates teacher trainer, practicing acupuncturist, fun-workout-video-maker, Pilates trainer to professional athletes, an avid athlete and daily mover herself, and a creative entrepreneur.

Inside CoreSelf you’ll find Brooke is teaching live weekly classes online as well as offering a really unique Pilates mat practice subscription platform which ranges in content, video length and workout intensity. Teachers and students alike have been loving these fun, playful, challenging and form focused mat workouts since it's launch in 2018.

For Pilates Instructors, Brooke offers fresh ways of moving and learning, including rotating apparatus workouts and online workshops. Find out what she's offering next through the CoreSelf website. (link to https://www.yourcoreself.com/for-teachers )

Recently, Brooke recreated her Teacher Training options within CoreSelf and is focused on working with Pilates instructors who have completed an initial training program (of any Pilates training type or style) and are looking to take their workout deeper, both in their personal practice and in their teaching. She is working with instructors from all around the world through meaningful virtual mentorship in her program called RETURN.
In all that Brooke does, the philosophies of classical Pilates movement merge with ease with the 5 Element Philosophy of Chinese Medicine. These are modalities she both lives and shares daily. It’s a natural integration that comes through in how she trains, teaches, educates and practices. 



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How does Brooke describe the RETURN mentoring program?

I believe that we all have such vast potential and that Pilates, as we own our personal workout and as we instruct it to our clients, is also limitless, empowering and transformative.

My intention through the RETURN mentoring program is to meet you where you are, as an already trained Pilates instructor, and lead you into a richer relationship with your practice and this work. Staying connected, inspired and lit up in your teaching requires intentionality, consistency and dedication, and can be elevated through guidance, support, and valuable connection in a mentorship relationship like I offer here. Working with me is an intimate and meaningful mentoring relationship. 


Some instructors work with me through 1-on-1 virtual sessions on routine, and many are diving into the full RETURN Mentorship program. 
The RETURN Mentoring Program is a 10-month commitment and is fully supported online with private sessions, video teaching content, access to all my online classes and workshops, and personalized guidance and support. It is a unique and powerful experience, and many instructors continue working with me beyond the 10 month program.
RETURN is a customized journey really, aimed at supporting and inspiring Pilates Instructors of any and every training background. Each instructor I work with has a unique story, individual goals, and personal vision. You are unique in how you want to grow, expand, get free, be challenged, and evolve... and I'm here for you!

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About Brooke Tyler | CoreSelf

Where do I find Brooke?
It's so easy to jump in a workout with Brooke (although don't count on the workout being easy!).
Brooke offers so much online here through CoreSelf, between the on-demand videos and regular live online classes, and she is also working in person in Asheville, NC. 
As she has phased out of owning/operating a very large studio, you remember Clasique Acupuncture & Pilates studio, she is still working in person with her loyal acupuncture patients, semi-private & private Pilates clients, the local high school baseball team as she has for many years, and teaching her dynamic custom standing Pilates class she created called Chisel.

In the future she will offer more in person mini-workshops and longer seminars to continue passing on the classical Pilates work. So if you're in the Asheville area, find Brooke in person and relish in the hands-on real time!


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