Pilates: An Interactive Workbook, Wunda Chair Edition

The most versatile of Joe Pilates' inventions, the Wunda Chair can be used as a space-saving home gym and as a functional piece of furniture. Joe invented it so that his students could use spring-based equipment at home when they could not get to the studio. Pilates: An Interactive Workbook, Wunda Chair Edition outlines the Wunda Chair repertoire as taught by Joe and his protégé, Romana Kryzanowska. It contains step-by-step photo illustrations of over one hundred twenty classical Wunda Chair exercises.


Founded in 2000, Gadar Pilates is conveniently located between downtown Sarasota and award-winning Siesta Beach. In addition to teaching Pilates, Christina is a published author of six books, an international presenter, and the creator of the Pilates Animals Workout® for children.read_more
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