July 2020 | Valencia, Spain

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    “Working with Gratz equipment allows the client to carry out the exercises correctly, achieving notable results in the short-medium term.”

    - Veronica Ruiz - Owners & Instructors
    Pilates Ambassador


    This smart studio is owned and managed by Veronica Ruiz. Located in the historic center of the city of light, Valencia, it is a studio surrounded by art very close to the National Ceramic Museum. Pilates Ambassador Studio maintains the essence of authentic Pilates. A space equipped with GRATZ ™ for its correct practice, where clients progress are guided by competent professionals, with the objective that each one unleash their potential, achieve their athletic level of training as well as self-sufficiency and discipline in their weekly practice.

    The composition of the studio is designed to be a real work room. Apparatus move and change location depending on the training objective with clients or training workshops.

    Pilates Ambassador is a meeting place, of return to life, of learning... Here, local Pilates teachers of other studios and around the world teachers explore, practice, laugh, sweat! It's like the "Pilates Embassy" in Valencia. Do not miss it!


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      I consider the Pilates Method a powerful tool for health and well-being. The exercises were created in symbiosis with the devices for the development of the potential of each person. The philosophy of Pilates Ambassador is to keep the Method alive, just as it was created and what it was created for.

      About Veronica Ruiz

      About Verónica Ruiz

      Graduated in Psychology (University of Valencia-Spain) and Pilates Instructor trained at Pilatistic Old School Pilates (Barcelona) having successfully completed the Teachers' Proficiency Pilates Program ”.

      In my career, I've gone from athlete to body-mind interpreter. Gymnast, sport coach, graduate in Psychology and Pilates Instructor; Each experience and knowledge learned during these stages is reflected in my way of work. I firmly believe in mind-body coaching to get clients to unlock their full potential.


      ADDRESS: C/ Embajador Vich, 3 Valencia (Spain) 46002

      Social media links:
      IG and Fb account: @pilatesambassador_veronicaruiz


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