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“Gratz apparatus demands an intense commitment. Therefore, only through this kind of workout, we can appreciate Pilates and we can 'Return to Life'

- Michaela Bendrihem - Owner & Instructor
MB Studio Pilates



Michaela Bendrihem is the owner and founder of MB Studio Pilates in Geneva, Switzerland. She believes in the importance of having a place where THE WORK will be respected and highlighted. To achieve the highest level in the workout, and adhering to the strict rules of Pilates, no other brand of equipment could tie in, except Gratz.

Cadillacs, Reformers, Chairs and Barrels created a well-organized and pleasant space of training. Private, Duo, Trio and Matwork classes are held regularly with the emphasis to be close to the client – student and be able to bring the quality and the deep understanding of work in each class.


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The only way to achieve the best workout is to have a good quality of equipment. It was evident to Michaela to work with Gratz. Not only because Gratz was the brand of equipment Joseph Pilates worked with but also for their quality of materials, long life of apparatus and of course great customer service.



About Michaela Bendrihem

Michaela Bendrihem Owner of MB Studio Pilates in Geneva, Switzerland

Founder and Owner of MB Studio Pilates

After her first approach to the Pilates in Switzerland, Michaela was attracted by classical method. This lead her to travel several times in the USA and discover this deeper level of work out.

Her mentor, Darien Gold, second-generation instructor, helped her to introduce Gratz to her training. After many hours working with Darien, Michaela became a classical teacher.

Through this incredible and effective method, Michaela is helping her clients to achieve their own goals. She specializes in injuries and pathologies. Physicians regularly refer their patients to Michaela.


Alizee from MB Studio Pilates in Geneva, Switzerland

With the influx of customers signing up for classes at MB Studio Pilates, and with the strong demand in private classes, a new instructor was hired. Alizée, an athlete in swimming and trail, started to take Pilates classes to improve her skills. She soon trained to become a certified Pilates teacher. She learned classical method from Michaela and her experiences allows her to better understand her students and thus respond to their different needs.


Rue de Savoie 7A
1207 Geneva, Switzerland
+41 (0) 78 635 50 37

Email: info@mbstudiopilates.com
Website: www.mbstudiopilates.com



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