Let's Do Pilates Studio

November 2019 | Moscow, Russia

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“Let's Do Pilates is the place where everyone can experience genuine Pilates and learn how to combine different types of physical activities for the best results. Our team believes that Let's Do Pilates' guests deserve only exceptional practice, so we have chosen Gratz apparatus to make that happen!

- Ekaterina Bozhko - Founder
Let's Do Pilates Studio



Let's Do Pilates is a multifunctional, premium-friendly studio located at the westside of Moscow, Russia. The quiet and inspirational space opened in September 2018 and introduced Moscow citizens to real Pilates.

The entire area of the fitness boutique is about 230 sq.m. The studio is divided into 5 training zones: cardio, free weight, TRX space, Gyrotonic class, and a Pilates zone equipped with authentic Gratz equipment. All zones are located in a way that guests feel absolutely secure and train only in the company of a coach or partners in mini-groups, even in solitude if desired.

The main focus of Let's Do Pilates' is individual training with a personalized selection of programs, frequency of classes and work intensity. Trainers also lead classes in various areas including Gyrokinesis and functional training in a mini-group for up to 4 people.

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Following the idea of sharing with guests an exceptional Pilates experience, Ekaterina and her team could choose only Gratz equipment for the studio. Let's Do Pilates offers its guests classes with such elements as Gratz Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Wunda Chair, and etc. Gratz Pilates equipment allows trainers and clients to participate in a unique and pleasurable experience everyday - to train with the equipment built accordingly to the original Joseph Pilates' design.

Team of Let's Do Pilates is the community of inspired and talented people whose main goal is sharing the true philosophy of Pilates in order to benefit the Russian society. Despite the fact that the Let's Do Pilates studio has only recently opened, the team has set itself ambitious goals and tasks. One of the main priorities of Let's Do Pilates is changing the perception of Pilates demonstrating the benefits to men as well as women. The Let's Do Pilates team wants to show guests that the Pilates classes are also a great challenge for men.

About Ekaterina Bozhko

Ekaterina Bozhko Photo

CEO and Founder of Let's Do Pilates studio in Moscow, Russia. The idea to open a Pilates studio came to Ekaterina from her own incredible experience and results from the Pilates and Gyrotonic Expansion System. She decided to create a space which will combine professionalism of trainers and tailored approaches towards each and every guest. In this way, Let's Do Pilates has become the embodiment of her personal requirement and expectation of a fitness service.

About Anna Efremkina (Akzhigitova)

Anna Efremkina Picture

Let's Do Pilates fitness manager and lead trainer for the studio. Her coaching experience stretches over 18 years. Anna is certified by Romana's Pilates, the authentic school of Joseph Pilates. She also is a certified trainer for the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis systems programs. There are a number of other trainers in the studio who have professional education in sports and fitness, as well as achievements to international conventions and international sports competitions.


Let's Do Pilates Studio
Moscow, st. Starovolynskaya, d.12k3
Moscow, Russia
8 (499) 233-08-89

Email: info@letsdopilates.ru
Website: www.letsdopilates.ru 
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/letsdopilatesmos/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/letsdopilatesmos/

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