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Miguel exudes a contagious passion for Pilates, teaching with vibrant energy and unwavering dedication. With years of experience and profound anatomical insight, he possesses a remarkable ability to intuitively cater to individual needs. His sharp observational skills, coupled with a friendly demeanor and witty humor, ensure sessions are both challenging and enjoyable. Miguel's approach entails pushing boundaries with kindness and levity. His expertise culminated in the establishment of Uno Pilates School, a global educational hub where he certifies Pilates teachers worldwide.

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Under your leadership, Uno Pilates School has cultivated a reputation for excellence in Pilates education over the span of 15 years. How has your journey and dedication to the Pilates method influenced the unique methodology employed at Uno Pilates School, particularly in preparing professionals for the job market with integrity and precision?

My journey is to make Joseph Pilates' dream come true.

A long time ago, I decided to deepen my knowledge about the human body to improve my physical condition because I suffered from constant lumbar and cervical pain, which was only relieved by taking anti-inflammatory drugs. Being an active person, it was frustrating not to be able to move without restrictions.

I went to a Chinese Medicine School to study Shiatsu for a more holistic view of the body, but this was not enough. I needed movement as well. I had a membership at a health club, and by accident, I had my first contact with Pilates in a Matwork group class. Being the youngest in the room, I felt the oldest from the first exercise, the famous Hundred. The benefits of the method were very obvious from the first experience. They felt so good that I became a regular client. A couple of years later, the opportunity to assist in a Pilates workshop came, and my curiosity to know more about this amazing method embarked me on this never-ending journey of learning about the human body and at the same time, improving my physical condition. It was never in my plans to become a Pilates Teacher, but here I am :-) continuing the dream of Joseph Pilates by demonstrating and proving to the entire population that the benefits speak for themselves.

You just have to believe in the method and not change Joseph’s work. The acquisition of physical and mental well-being is a priceless asset.

Passing through different teachers from different schools, including Romana’s lineage and Vintage Pilates, the experience that impacted me the most was with Jay Grimes and the Vintage Pilates crew. The seed of how to work independently, finding my own voice, and trusting in the work led me to integrity and precision when I am teaching and guiding my clients and students. One of the phrases that I will always keep from Jay Grimes is, "You cannot teach Pilates." We have to guide our clients to find Pilates in their bodies and keep the hopes that one day they will. Jay used to say to me in my classes with him, "There is hope" :-) So, why not give hope to our clients?

Regarding our students, to ensure that they are well-prepared for the job market, we emphasize the importance of practice to achieve precision. It's crucial for them to experience the exercises in their own bodies to effectively teach and guide their clients. The more they practice, the deeper their understanding of the method will become. It takes time, consistency, and persistence, but it's worth it.

Your commitment to the Pilates philosophy shines through in Uno Pilates School's approach, coupled with the utilization of equipment from Gratz Industries. How do these elements contribute to the holistic training and practice standards upheld at your studios, ensuring that students are equipped to uphold the highest standards in Pilates instruction?

I have experimented with different brands of equipment, and while there are good options out there, true results emerge from the perfect symbiosis. For me, working with Gratz equipment represents this ideal harmony between client and apparatus. The precise dimensions serve as the ultimate instructor, and we are merely facilitators of Joseph’s work. This alignment leads us to achieve the best results. I could share numerous stories about my clients' experiences, but time is limited :-) In my previous studio, I had various brands of equipment. Without informing my clients of the differences—since they appeared similar—they immediately noticed the distinctions from the first exercise, the footwork. We always say to our students, "The best equipment is the best teacher“

"You just have to believe in the method and not change Joseph’s work"

(Naomi Corti, one of Brooke's clients)

Naomi is a young, talented, powerful, professional ballerina. She found me over three years ago, and we've worked together ever since. We connect 1:1 online, always fun because she has access to various apparatus with her company facilities in NY (though they do need a Gratz Wunda Chair up there, I have to say!). She joins live classes often as well, from Mat to Chisel to Wunda Chair class when she has the space between performances and rehearsals.

*Naomi Corti, member of New York City Ballet’s corps de ballet

Her power and range areincredible, as you might expect. I'll always remember that when she cameto me, it was upon the recommendation of an older principal dancer whotold her that if she wanted longevity as a professional ballerina, shemust find a Pilates teacher she trusts! And so here we are. She's acomplete joy to work with and to know. So dedicated to her Pilates andher body care... you know, she pulls out her toe corrector as part ofher warm-up routine daily :) I'm so proud!

Miguel, your passion for Pilates is palpable and inspiring. With your extensive experience and intuitive understanding of each individual's bodily needs, Uno Pilates School has become a beacon for quality education in the Pilates community. Could you share insights from your experience training elite athletes, Joana Schenker, Fabian Meeusen, Beni Gföhler, Hugo Vau, Michelle Heimberg, Geraldine Frey and how Pilates intersects with sports performance enhancement?

First of all, thank you so much for your compliments.

The truth is, I make no distinction between my regular clients and those who are athletes :-) This philosophy is precisely why many choose to come to us. In my eyes, they are all athletes.

I see the potential and strength, rather than the weaknesses, and most importantly, I always work with the body that is in front of me.

Athletes often need extra attention to their body's needs due to imbalances created by their specific sports. Instead of prescribing exercises tailored specifically to their sports, we aim to understand that a more balanced body can enhance sports performance. This is what Contrology offers us: a balance between mind and body, a synergy of strength, flexibility, and control. And let’s not forget the most crucial aspect—we make them move:-)

Can you tell us about your new projects, including the books that have just been published?

Absolutely, I'm excited to share that I've recently published three books alongside posters that detail the Mat, Reformer, and Wunda Chair exercises in the sequence that I use to teach and guide my clients and some art pictures too.

The initial inspiration clearly came from Joseph Pilates' vision of making Pilates accessible to everyone. He advocated for straightforward, easy-to-follow instructions and used publicity to show that no extensive background was necessary.

We've observed that our teaching and guidance approach gave independence to our clients. They learn the exercises and come to the studio using the space as their own gym for their personal workouts, of course always with the presence of an instructor. This concept has extended to home studios, supporting the autonomy of the workout experience.

The titles of the books are:

'Mind & Body, The Mat,' the 34 exercises and my path in discovering Pilates. 'Gym at Home, The Wunda Chair,' was thought to incorporate Pilates into their home fitness routine using the Wunda Chair

'Symbiosis of Push and Pulls, The Universal Reformer,' the perfect interaction of client and apparatus that delves into the intricate balance of movements on the Universal Reformer.

And the last but not the least the Uno on Tour and my desire to share our work through the Uno Pilates School grows stronger. I believe in spreading the knowledge and benefits of Pilates to as many people as possible. By joining our workshops, you become a part of this beautiful mission. Workshops are a gathering of Pilates enthusiasts from various backgrounds and levels of experience and its a great opportunity to grow, share and connect through the practice of Pilates.

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