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About Verónica Ruiz
Verónica Ruiz, psychologist and Pilates instructor. Owner of Pilates Ambassador, a new studio equipped with Gratz in Valencia (Spain).

My life has always been related to physical activity and sports. The practice and teaching of rhythmic gymnastics took 20 years of my life. Thanks to it I learned the importance of perseverance and discipline. Afterwards I graduated as a psychologist at the University of Valencia (Spain). This training helped me to deepen the cognitive processes, behaviors and attitudes of people in different contexts.

I met the Pilates method and left my desk work at that time to devote myself to what is now my passion.

I have recently participated in the program for PILATISTIC Old School Pilates teachers with Marian Tarín and Miguel Jorge, second generation teachers from Tiana, Barcelona (Spain). Pilates is infinite. I believe that a good professional should be in constant renewal and learning to face the daily challenge of their clients. Whenever I can, I go to train and share with other teachers, like Miguel Silva from Universo Pilates (Sevilla). In my career as a teacher, I appreciate my time at Valencia Classical Pilates, where I spent 4 years working and acquired the professional solvency that prompted me to set up my own studio, Pilates Ambassador in Valencia (Spain).

The Pilates method was created by a man and, initially, for men, given the conditions and the historical moment that took place. The myth that Pilates is a method mainly aimed at women and elderly people is present nowadays. However, I feel fortunate to count, among my clients, a large number of men. My training as a psychologist, in addition the PILATISTIC Teachers' Proficiency Pilates Program with Marian Tarin and Miguel Jorge, second generation teachers in Tiana, Barcelona (Spain), allows me to tear down this myth, being able to guide and motivate students like Emmanuel Mamadou, an elite athlete in natural bodybuilding.

Contrology requires awareness, as well as strength and flexibility. Thanks to the Pilates method, his commitment and perseverance with training, Emmanuel has integrated these capabilities that allow him to develop his maximum potential.

The method understands of people. In my opinion, respecting its nature, anyone without distinction by age, gender or fitness, can achieve to be the best version of oneself.



Client: Emmanuel Mamadou
2015 AEFF Olimpia, Athletic
1st & Overall 2015 NAC World Championships, Athletic
1st & Overall 2016 IFBB Nationals, Classic BB, 1st/Gold


Verónica Ruiz

Instagram: @pilatesambassador_veronicaruiz
Facebook: @veronicaruizpilates


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