Gratz Gallery | Nicole Smith-Alvarez on the Archive Reformer 2


Archive Reformer | Front Splits / Kneeling
Life is the biggest party we will be at. Why not look and feel good by making Pilates part of your lifestyle. Gratz Reformer reforms your body and mind: allowing you to reach for your dreams.

About Nicole Smith-Alvarez

Nicole Smith holds privilege to touring with the national tour of Disney’s the Lion King for a total of 13 amazing years. She now fills in with the Broadway cast of the Lion King. During her time touring she embarked on the journey of entering the prestigious Pilates program under the guidance of Romana Kryzanowska at her studio in Arlington, Texas while she traveled the world performing. 

Nicole also takes pride in her first passion as a dance instructor and continues as an assistant to several choreographers. In addition to her dance credits, she is a proud member of Actors Equity Associations since 2002. Pilates continues to keep Nicole healthy after years of performing eight shows a week. A daily workout of Pilates always puts her back together feeling longer, stronger, and centered. This method of Contrology continues to challenge, surprise and inspire this endless journey. 

Nicole sees clients at her studio; and also conducts house calls, where clients can work in the comfort of their own home either online sessions or personal visits for sessions or workshops.


Photo courtesy of Mike Whitson

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