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Murat is one of a handful of instructors that Jay Grimes has selected to mentor through a one-and-a-half year program at Vintage Pilates, and has been a featured demonstrator for Jay on Pilatesology. His strong focus and commitment to the method is evidenced in his own personal practice. He brings this focus — as well as a dash of humor — to his teaching. (Source)


About Murat Berkin
Murat Berkin is a former chief dancer for the State Opera and Ballet company of Turkey. He began his Pilates career in 2006 and then opened the only Classical Pilates studio, Murat Berkin Pilates Studio in Istanbul, Turkey. Murat has trained with Jay Grimes, 1st Generation Teacher and for the last three years he has traveled all over the world giving lectures and conferences with him.

Murat's strong focus and commitment to the Pilates method is the reason behind the Classical Pilates Conference. The annual conference provides support for Pilates instructors and brings awareness to the instruction of the Pilates Method in Turkey.


Murat Berkin | Mind & Body Conditioning

Annual Event | Classical Pilates Conference in Istanbul


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