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Swakate Series on the Gratz Reformer
These exercises are the part of the famous Swakate Series from Super Advance level on the Reformer. Usually done before the Snake&Twist.

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Swakate Series on Gratz Reformer

The series perfectly shows how strong the full body is and the balancing prowess of your powerhouse. So it’s not about just arms strength. Good news: you can do preparation for this exercise on the Arm Chair (perfect for girls) and on the Cadillac!



About Marat Kalmurzaev

Marat is a teacher trained in the Classical Pilates Method. He trained at Romana's Pilates (Level 4) and is a certified
traumatologist-orthpedist. He translated the book, "Return to Life Through Contrology" by Joseph Pilates to Russian language.
Marat continues teaching seminars demonstrating the connection between Pilates and Medicine.

Home Studio:

and Русская Фитнес Группа (РФГ World Class)



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