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Reformer | Side Tree

Side Tree on the Pilates Reformer is an exercise combining core strength with a deep hip stretch. Starting on the Short Box, the practitioner completes their Tree to the front. Maintaining square alignment to the best of their ability, the practitioner brings their leg out to the side and repeats the Tree exercise in an outstretched position. This exercise builds stretch with strength through whole body commitment. 


About Lori Coleman-Brown

Lori teaches Pilates lessons and trains, tests and mentors Pilates instructors. She’s responsible for Atlas Pilates educational program development and management.

A dancer from childhood, she pursued and earned a BFA in Dance from SUNY Purchase. She went on to earn a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Temple University. Her decades of experience include providing physical therapy for professional dance companies and backstage on Broadway shows in New York and Seattle, staff physical therapy positions and partnership in a successful PT clinic.



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