Gratz Gallery | Lisa Pellow on the Wunda Chair


Wunda Chair | Twist
"The 'Twist' exercise on the Wunda Chair intensifies core engagement and challenges balance. It also enhances oblique strength, spinal rotation, and overall body control while maintaining stability in a lifted position."

About Lisa Pellow

After a distinguished career as a senior executive in banking and finance Lisa left the corporate world, returning home to Pittsburgh, to pursue her passion for Pilates.

Lisa was trained and certified through Romana’s Pilates® by Joseph Pilates’ world renowned protégé Romana Kryzanowska and her daughter, master instructor Sari Mejia Santo. Lisa is the only currently accredited second generation Romana’s Pilates teacher of teachers and trainer in the Pittsburgh area. Over the course of two years, while working in corporate finance full time, Lisa completed more than 800 hours of training in New York, Boston, and Paris. Certified in all levels of classical Pilates mat work and apparatus Lisa is dedicated to maintaining and teaching the original system of exercises and philosophies developed by Joseph H. Pilates; what is today called True Pilates. Prior to leaving Boston Lisa was on staff with The SportsClub LA teaching all levels of Pilates in private, semi-private, and group sessions. Lisa is one of only two currently accredited Romana’s Pilates® certified teacher of teachers in Pittsburgh...


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