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Reformer | Rowing series - Hug on the Reformer
"The 'Hug' on the Reformer is normally taught with the 'Shave' exercise, before the other exercises in the Rowing series are introduced. The Hug is a great exercise for strengthening the back."

About Lisa Paterson

From a sports background originally, Lisa Paterson spent her early career within the fitness industry. She initially studied Sports Coaching and Development before moving into a more gym-oriented environment where she gained additional professional accreditation in Personal Training and Nutrition. She went on to work as the Fitness Manager of a popular health club in Ayrshire for a number of years.

Lisa’s initial reasons for starting Pilates were born out of a wish to continue exercising after sustaining a number of injuries, and undergoing a number of periods of injury rehabilitation. Following advice given to her by an Osteopath, she was encouraged to try Pilates in order to strengthen some areas of weakness and address some muscular imbalances in the body. Pilates had a profound effect on Lisa and she attributes the physical improvements she made, and her subsequent return to physical fitness, to the power of Pilates. After a period of reflection, she made a conscious decision to change career direction and train to teach Pilates in Ayrshire...



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