Teaser on the Reformer

“Teasing” my student to reach for me as she pulls herself up and balances. Using my body positioning to inform my student of where her centreline is so she can be square.

"Monkeying" around on the Guillotine

The MONKEY ON A STICK challenges balance and control while recreating the articulation of The Semi-Circle on The Reformer

About Lili Viola

Owner and Head Teacher, Lili has been a Pilates teacher for the past 15 years. Her first certification was through Stott Pilates. In 2013 she discovered Classical, or Authentic Pilates as it is also known, and instantly felt the difference. This system, rooted in history and handed down directly from Joseph Pilates, was much more challenging, comprehensive and athletic than anything she had ever experienced in Pilates before. She pursued her second certification through the award winning re:AB Authentic Pilates Teacher Training Program in New York City under the tutelage of 2nd generation teacher Brooke Siler. Lili also completed a 10-month intensive for teachers with 2nd generation teacher Chris Robinson.

Her newfound passion led Lili to open Toronto's first Classical Pilates studio in January 2014. She quickly garnered attention from celebrities in Hollywood living in Toronto while filming on location. Her original studio measured no more than 600 SF. Within just over a year of having opened her first location, the client base had outgrown the small space, and teachers had joined her in teaching the original system. In June 2015 she moved her studio to its current location, and within one year of having set roots there, the studio expanded by another two levels, bringing it to 3000 SF.

Lili is a wife, a mom to 3 kids and 1 dog, and a 3rd Generation Authentic Pilates Teacher.


Lili Viola Pilates
3345 Yonge Street
Toronto, Canada M4N 2M6

Phone: (416) 781-4100



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