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Gratz Wunda Chair | Horseback

The Gratz Wunda Chair is the most advanced apparatus in the Gratz Pilates System. It requires strength, balance, and mind-body connection more so than any other apparatus. Horseback on the Wunda helps to strengthen the powerhouse and deepen the C-curve, therefore, lengthening the lumbar spine. 


About Laney Abernethy

Originally from Chapel Hill, NC, Laney explored her love of movement through modern dance by earning a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alabama and her Master of Fine Arts from Arizona State University. She completed the rigorous Romana’s Pilates International program in 2000 while living in Atlanta and performing with several modern dance companies. In 2001, she opened Pilates Body Shaping in Charlotte, NC.  Soon after, she was asked directly by Romana Kryznaowska (protégé of Joseph Pilates) to become a Level III, Senior Teacher Trainer. Laney teaches clients, instructors, and apprentices of all levels and ages. Her varied clientele ranges from spinal cord injuries to professional dancers, NFL players, Olympic swimmers, and circus performers. In addition, she enjoys teaching workshops, Basic Seminars, and guiding apprentices through their Romana’s Pilates Certification journey. In addition to her work in Pilates, Laney earned her 2nd Degree Black Belt in Jeet Kune Do, developed by Bruce Lee.  Efficiency and flow are common themes found in both Martial Arts and Pilates.  
Laney continues to work with Grandmaster and Master Instructors such as Sari Mejia-Santo, Juanita Lopez, Cynthia Lochard, Marjorie Oron, Cynthia Shipley, Anthony Rabara, and Roxane Richards-Huang, among others.  She feels honored to be able to bring many of these Instructors to Pilates Body Shaping, which is the NC Teacher Training Center for Romana’s Pilates International.

Laney Abernethy/ Pilates Body Shaping
1940 E 8th St, Charlotte, NC
United States, North Carolina
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Gratz Reformer | Reverse Horseback on the Reformer (Cara Waller, Cassandra Kralik)

Reverse horseback on the Gratz Universal Reformer is a more complex exercise than the horseback because of combining it with rowing into the sternum. Reverse horseback strengthens the powerhouse, deepens the c-curve while still lengthening the lumbar spine, all while challenging the balance and using the resistance of the straps and springs to strengthen the upper body. The complex choreography, as with the other more advanced exercises in the system, takes a deeper understanding of and connection with the 6 Principles of Pilates- concentration, flow, breathe, control, centering, and precision.

Cara is a Level 5 RPI Certified Instructor since 2009 and Cassandra Kralik is a Level 5 RPI Certified Instructor since 2017. Both Cara and Cassandra teach with Laney and the other team of RPI Instructors at Pilates Body Shaping, in Charlotte, NC.



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