GOING UP FRONT on the Gratz Arm Chair

Preparing for balance in the air. Connecting your torso and limbs, sandwiching your stomach and spine, and create a neutral line that extends powerfully from the toes to the top of the head. Pull the springs with both arms and Going Up!


Both arms extending from the back are moved while resisting in the water as if rowing a boat. The carriage must be controlled so that the boat moves silently across the water.

Japanese Classical Dance
Japanese Classical Dance is based on the techniques of Kabuki dance. The costumes are very heavy and require physical strength to dance. The strong, long, whip-like spine developed through Classical Pilates has dramatically improved Kohei's dance performance.



About Kohei Ichikawa

Kohei Ichikawa danced Classical Ballet and Japanese Classical Dance, but felt the need to build his body and started Pilates in a contemporary style.
He started Classical Pilates training in 2017 when he met Davorka Kulenovic and Martin Arezina in Stuttgart, Germany. The method of Classical Pilates established by Romana Kryzanowska revolutionized his life, successfully transitioning from contemporary to classical style.
Since July 2019, he has been studying under Sonjé Mayo. As the director of one of the few Classical Pilates Studios in Japan, he holds International Workshops and devotes to popularizing Classical Pilates.

“I use only GRATZ PILATES APPARATUS in my studio. Classical Pilates goes hand in hand with the use of GRATZ PILATES APPARATUS. The two cannot be separated. In practicing Classical Pilates, I value the grace that comes from the classical style. Grace comes from Control, Resistance movement and Stretch with strength. My purpose in life is to inherit the classical style I learned from Davorka and Sonjé and pass them on to the next generation.”

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