Gratz Gallery | Junghee Won the Universal Reformer. Photographed by Pilatesology.

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"My successful training and career have been with the classical Pilates method. Without Gratz, it couldn't be completed." - Junghee Won


About Junghee Won
Originally from Seoul Korea, Junghee Won was certified in 1999 by Romana Kryzanowska at The New York Pilates Studio, New York City. She worked with Bob Liekens, Brett Howard, Ton Voogt, Michael Fritzke, Peter Fiasca, and with many other well known teachers.

Junghee has an extensive background as a professional dancer and she performed at the Opening Ceremonies of the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. In 2001 Junghee was a featured model in Dr. Peter Fiasca's Classical Pilates Technique DVD series.

Junghee earned a BA in Dance Education (Kyung-Hee University, Seoul Korea, 1990), an MA in Dance/Dance Education (NYU, 1995), and a PhD in Performing Arts (Kyung-Hee University, Seoul Korea, 2005). Her published research papers include The Effect of The Pilates Method on Dancers, Cognitive Style and Body Awareness, A Qualitative Approach to the Effects of Pilates Exercise, and An Inquiry of Philosophy and Principles of The Pilates Method.

After serving as a Teacher Trainer for Power Pilates for several years, Junghee returned to Seoul and co-founded Korea's first Pilates studios, Pilates Korea and Classic Pilates. She was an often-featured Pilates expert in Korean National TV and print, and as a featured Instructor for Pilates videos in Singapore. In 2006, she returned to New York City where she currently teaches at New Jersey’s Can Do Fitness Club as well as a Teacher Trainer for the United States Pilates Association. (Source)



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