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GRATZ GALLERY | Darien Gold 

"Teaser in the Grass"

The Spine Corrector made by Gratz Industries, Inc. and designed by Joseph
Pilates is the perfect apparatus for spinal extension and spinal flexion. This
exercise called the Teaser is one of Mr. Pilates' signature exercises.

Photo Credit: Claire Lichtwardt


The Push up device also made by Gratz Industries, Inc. strengthens the wrists,
arms and back as well as the core muscles

These two pieces - the Spine Corrector and the Push-up Device can be used in a
studio or even outside as these photos depict.

Photo Credit: Claire Lichtwardt

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Darien Gold’s All Things Pilates weekly radio program is for the listening audience
but this visual shows Darien on Gratz Industries apparatus that she speaks about
on her program.

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