Gratz Gallery | Alycea Ungaro teaching on the Universal Reformer

Image courtesy of Alycea Ungaro and photographed by Mel Legget


"Without real equipment I can't teach real Pilates. To me, "real" means equipment that holds true to the original designs. Gratz knows that every measurement counts, which means each and every exercise crafted by Joe Pilates feels the way he intended. It doesn't get more real than that." - Alycea Ungaro


About Alycea Ungaro
In addition to being one of the most renowned Pilates instructors in the world, Alycea is a licensed physical therapist. She is the best-selling author of Pilates: Body in Motion and creator of the Real Alignment Mat. Check out Alycea's DVD "15 Minute Everyday Pilates" also available on Vooks (video books), Kindle, and iPad, as well as her PortablePilates App, hailed as the market's best by NY Times.


Alycea Ungaro | Real Pilates, NYC

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