Our Cadillac features professional-grade springs, straps, and a trapeze attachment. Whether lying, sitting, or standing, the Cadillac has the ability to accommodate both foundational and advanced exercises



$ 4,845.00


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About the Universal Reformer

A professional-grade and state-of-the-art piece of apparatus, the Universal Reformer will redefine your Pilates practice. It encourages precision, correct body placement, and provides support. Four identical springs can be easily adjusted to the appropriate tension settings. Full range of motion isachieved using the Reformer whether the exercise calls for you to lay, sit, stand, or kneel. Available in 80”, 86”, and 89” length options, this piece can accommodate practitioners of varyingheights. Impeccably crafted, this sleek piece of equipment has a smooth carriage that ensures fluid transitions and seamless movements every time it is in use.

The Universal Reformer Apparatus has been carefully crafted and thoughtfully designed to take your Pilates program to new heights and fine-tune your individual user experience.
FeaturesOur Classic models are manufactured from a 60% post-industrial recycled aluminum that has been specially welded to achieve a steadfast, fully integrated unibody construction. Our Designer models are proudly fabricated from a solid Rock Maple wood that is both sustainably grown and harvested.Each Classic Aluminum and Designer Maple Wood Universal Reformer comes fully-equipped with:

- Natural Leather Straps
- A Padded Foot Bar
- 20” Foot Straps
- An Upholstered Long/Short Box
- Standard Weighted Pole
- 27” Extension Straps
- Dual Rubber Pads
- Dual Gear Blocks/Stoppers
- 4 Springs
- 3 Gears
- Standing Platform (optional)
- Sheepskin Covers (optional)

Length: 80”, 86” & 89” options available
Width: 26”
Height: 13 ¾”

Options and Enhancements

- Classic Aluminum or Designer Maple Wood Reformer frame available.
- 80”, 86”, or 89” options available.
- Aluminum & Wood or Leather & Wood handle options available.
- Optional Jump Board sold separately. 
- 85 upholstery color options available.


Length: 80”, 86” & 89” options available

Width: 26” 

Height: 13 ¾” 

Options and Enhancements

- Classic Aluminum or Designer Maple Wood Reformer frame available.

- 80”, 86”, or 89” options available.

- Aluminum & Wood, Leather & Wood, Trap, or Wire handle options available.

- Optional Jump Board sold separately.

Contour Mat
$ 1,150.00
Guillotine Tower
$ 3,220.00