Pilates Barn

May 2012 | Madison, Connecticut 


  • Pilates Barn | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • Pilates Barn | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • Pilates Barn | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series


"I have enormous confidence when working with my clients on Gratz equipment. It's closeness to the intent of the method creates an amazing workout."

- Lori Richardson, Owner & Instructor
Pilates Barn



Pilates Barn is a boutique style studio located on the shoreline town of Madison, Connecticut. Opened in June 2011, Pilates Barn is one of the few studios in Connecticut that teaches the true original method of Joseph Pilates. The studio is exclusively equipped with Gratz, using the original specifications that Joseph Pilates intended to work in concert with his exercises. The Gratz equipment is bathed in sunlight with a relaxing wall water fall at the center of the studio. The soft yellow pine floors feel like butter to your feet. The intimate setting makes for a perfect environment for your workout.



In 1981 Dr. Lori Richardson was living in Northampton, Massachusetts, where Mary Bowen had set up a large studio on the top floor of Thorne's Market called "Your Own Gym". This studio with its equipment was very intriguing. Over the years, Dr. Lori found herself revisiting Pilates as a source of her exercise. As a licensed Chiropractor since 1987, she has now expanded her expertise to include Authentic NY Style Pilates. Chiropractic philosophy supports five basic principles: exercise, nutrition, rest, mental attitude, and proper nervous system supply to the body. Joseph Pilates' over 600 exercises are an excellent way to support and strengthen our bodies as well as fine tuning the nervous system. She has studied and taken workshops with Mary Bowen, Simona Cipriani, Brett Howard, Alycea Ungaro, Kathi Ross-Nash, Brooke Siler, Shari Berkowitz, Kathy Corey, Cara Reeser, and Siri Dharma Galliano. Pilates Barn has also hosted several workshops for the teachers in the community to have a place to come practice, study and learn the method. She is excited to be exclusively using Gratz equipment to bring Authentic NY Style Pilates to the shoreline of Connecticut.



My first experience with Gratz equipment was at Art of Control in Purchase, New York. I had been on other types of Pilates equipment, but once I experienced the feel of Gratz, there was no turning back. In May 2010, I traveled to Pennsylvania to purchase my first used Gratz reformer in gunmetal on an aluminum frame. Thus began the journey as it was placed in my living room and the vision to open the studio in the Barn was born. 


Gratz Pilates - Pilates Barn - Featured Studio Video





101 Boston Post Road
Madison, Connecticut 06443

Phone: (203) 214-3213
Email: info@pilatesbarn.com
Website: www.pilatesbarn.com

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