Pilates Avenue

December 2014 | Los Gatos, California


  • Pilates Avenue | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • Pilates Avenue | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • Pilates Avenue | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • Pilates Avenue | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • Pilates Avenue | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series


"When I first got on a Gratz reformer, I didn’t know what to make of it. But you can’t argue with results. After regular practice on the equipment, I could see and feel the difference. It was no wonder, since Gratz uses Joe’s original designs. I want to share that with my clients. With the help of Joe and Gratz, I hope to make a difference ­­ one body at a time."

- Nancy Chin, Owner and Instructor
Pilates Avenue




I opened Pilates Avenue in 2013, in a small space near downtown Los Gatos, California. We are an hour south of San Francisco in an area known as “Silicon Valley” because of all the hi­tech companies in the region. It’s a humble little neighborhood place, welcoming and intimate. Pilates Avenue is equipped with one of everything, all made by Gratz. We teach only private sessions here. It is a luxury to be able to give our clients undivided attention. I have two other instructors here: Shannon Bynum and Lisa Press. We are all classically trained.



I had been teaching at other studios for 12 years before Pilates Avenue. It was actually Jay Grimes who inspired me to finally open my own place. I spent two years studying Pilates in his post­certification program called “The Work.” It was a great opportunity to learn how Jay learned from Joseph Pilates himself. And Jay pushed us to be better than our personal best. It was empowering. It showed me that with a bit of hard work and sweat, we can accomplish just about anything. I had always thought that one day, I would open my own studio with the finest equipment available. Riding high on what I learned from Jay, I did just that.

Many thanks for your Pilates inspiration: Karen Frischmann, Allison Gonzalez, Jay Grimes, Bob Liekens, Sandy Shimoda ­­ and of course, Joe and many more!



The way the Gratz apparatus are designed really makes you work from the powerhouse. It helped me to understand exercises that didn’t make much sense to me till then. My body changed. I got results that I never did before. I figured if it worked for me, it could work for anyone. Gratz has stayed true to Joe’s original designs. So It’s the perfect counterpart to the original work. Partnered together, the two make for a tough workout. I see my clients proud of themselves when they’re done with their session. Empowered, inspired, ready to face the day. With Joe’s teachings and Gratz equipment, I want to inspire and empower everyone that walks through my door at Pilates Avenue.


Gratz Pilates Featured Studio - Pilates Avenue





501 North Santa Cruz Avenue, Suite D
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Phone: (408) 406-9311
Email: nancy@pilatesavenue.com
Website: www.pilatesavenue.com

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