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May 2021 | Stuttgart, Germany

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“To teach the original method, we need the original equipment – and that is GRATZ!”

- Amanda Diatta - Owner & Instructor
Contrology Pilates Studio, Stuttgart



Thousands of shoppers flock to Koenigstrasse, Stuttgart’s bustling pedestrian street that’s nearly a mile long. Despite being entirely free of cars, the popular boulevard can get pretty noisy. But just around a corner and up a flight of stairs, Contrology Pilates Studio offers an airy and quiet oasis of clarity.  Women, men and teens appreciate the personal and welcoming atmosphere created by Amanda Diatta and her dedicated team. The spacious, light rooms are fully appointed with GRATZ equipment.

People from 14 to 83 years of age visit the studio regularly – either for private or duet classes on the equipment, or for group classes on GRATZ low mats. And groups are never larger than five people, so individual support and progress is ensured.

“Contrology” is how Joe Pilates himself referred to his method. “I didn’t want it to call my studio ‘Pilates Amanda’ or anything like that, because it’s not about me – it’s all about this brilliant method,” explains the owner with a smile.

In October 2021, Contrology Pilates Studio will celebrate its 7th anniversary.



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    Amanda trained on GRATZ equipment from the very beginning of her Pilates journey. So there was never a question of changing that. Over the years, when traveling, she also worked on other equipment, but those experiences made it even clearer why Joe Pilates had designed the apparatus the way he did. “We want to teach the original method, so we need the original equipment – and that is GRATZ!” says Amanda.


    About Amanda Diatta

    About Amanda Diatta

    Founder and Owner of Contrology Pilates Studio, Stuttgart


    “Pilates is not only a job for me, it’s a commitment and a passion. An addiction, even! By founding my own studio, I was able to create my own little happy place – now I can share this joy and freedom with everyone.”

    Amanda’s passion for Pilates springs from her love of ballet and swimming – hobbies she has pursued since childhood. After becoming a state-approved teacher for gymnastics and sports, a back-exercise teacher and certified personal trainer, Amanda completed her Pilates training in 2009 with Davorka Kulenovic-Bischoff. In 2014, Amanda founded Contrology Pilates Studio in downtown Stuttgart, Germany.


    At Contrology Pilates Studio, all team members are certified in the classical Pilates method. They are dedicated to this approach and never stop learning. To grow as teachers and students of the method and fuel their enthusiasm, they take classes and workshops with renowned Pilates experts from around the world.



    Koenigstrasse 49
70173 Stuttgart, 
    Phone: +49 711 46 92 3422 




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