June 2020 | Wixom, Michigan

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    “The springs work WITH you rather than for you and the cushion of the mats is the perfect amount of challenge and assistance. Perfect dimensions, solid construction; you won’t find anything better than Gratz.”

    - Helena & Erica - Owners & Instructors
    Classic Pilates Center


    Classic Pilates Center opened in February of 2017 from 2 instructors with a shared passion for classical Pilates. Originally located in Wixom, Michigan, where there weren’t many classical studios let alone those with Gratz equipment, the studio focuses on small groups and private lessons to inform clients of the full benefits of healthy and functional movement through Pilates. The owners have a professional but fun attitude toward Pilates and welcome clients of any level or ability to explore what CPC can do to improve their lifestyle!


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      There was only one brand of equipment Classic Pilates Center considered purchasing: Gratz. The owners had experience with multiple other manufacturers but none compared to the superiority of Gratz. The springs work WITH you rather than for you and the cushion of the mats is the perfect amount of challenge and assistance. The equipment dimensions and design are so perfectly constructed that clients quickly noticed the quality difference upon the opening of CPC.

      Classic Pilates Center is a female owned small business Michigan. Their passion for the Pilates method is evident in how they teach, practice, and promote it within the community. You won't find large, watered down Pilates lessons there. No instructors on stage yelling into a mic. No distracting top 40s music. CPC offers intimate sessions that focus on achieving results. They do only classical Pilates and they do it well.

      As a classical studio, CPC follows the original teachings of Joseph H. Pilates. Therefore, the teaching focus is on individuals and small groups. Pilates described his functional exercise system as "the art of controlled movements" and designed many pieces of apparatus to assist with his work. CPC is proud to have a studio equipped with Gratz equipment- the same brand Pilates used himself!

      This classical method of stretching, strengthening, and controlling one's body with one's mind has endless possibilities. The goal is for every participant to apply what they learn in the studio to their lifestyle. And enjoy doing it!



      Co-owners Erica and Helena met in 2012 while working at a studio in a large gym facility. The two shared a strong work ethic, similar teaching styles, and a great passion for Pilates. For years, they worked closely together to further their Pilates knowledge by traveling to workshops and training each other. As their friendship grew, so did the realization that they would one day like to open a studio together. And so Classic Pilates Center was born!

      Classic studio Pilates Helena

      About Helena

      Helena grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sports and weight training were a way of life for her so it made sense that she completed a bachelor’s degree in sports and fitness studies. After college, she was introduced to Pilates by a friend and was drawn to the method. Helena immediately loved Pilates and wanted to pursue it as a career so she dove into comprehensive training with the renowned Inelia Garcia completing the certification in 2010. Upon getting married and moving to the states, she worked in multiple Pilates studios but knew her main goal was to own a place of her own. Teaching people how to move and change their bodies through movement is the highlight of being an instructor for Helena.

      Classic Studio Pilates Erica

      About Erica

      Erica grew up in an athletic family and always loved sports and fitness. She graduated college with an engineering degree but couldn’t imagine confining herself to a desk job for the rest of her life. While using Pilates to work through a knee injury, she realized it was more than just a hobby and completed her first certification in 2008.  When the opportunity to train under Sonje Mayo arose in 2012, she quickly jumped into the classical Pilates world and completed a second certification with the renowned instructor who herself trained with Joseph Pilates. Erica knows her career change is unusual but can’t imagine it any other way. “Seeing the continual improvement of body, mindset, and quality of life is one of the most gratifying experiences I could ask for in any career. Pilates has given me and my clients just that.”


      Full Address:  31202 Old Wixom Rd, Wixom, MI, 48393

      Phone number: 248.956.0016



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