Body Central Pilates Studio

January 2019 | Atlanta, Georgia


  • Body Central Pilates Studio | Gratz Featured Studio
  • Body Central Pilates Studio | Gratz Featured Studio
  • Body Central Pilates Studio | Gratz Featured Studio



"The apparatus is not supposed to work for you, or against you. It should work with you, like a partnership. On occasion, we will get clients from other studios that aren’t familiar with Gratz equipment, and as soon as they get on and feel what it should feel like, they understand that relationship."

- Robin Blum, Body Central Pilates




Body Central opened its doors as Atlanta’s premier Pilates studio in 1997. Located in the heart of Buckhead, Body Central Pilates Studio encompasses a 5000 square foot loft style space with many windows producing natural light, vaulted ceilings needed for the advanced aerial moves, showers, and locker rooms.

Pilates was brought to Atlanta in 1996 where owner Robin Blum, trained by Romana Kryzanowska, became the first Pilates instructor certified in the state of Georgia. Body Central has maintained a strong and dedicated clientele, whether the body is severely injured, or a professional athlete. Offering the highest quality of Pilates instruction available in Atlanta, Body Central is a pure Pilates studio consisting of ten “Romanas Pilates” certified teachers dedicated to preserve and continue the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates the way he intended it.



Owner Robin Warden Blum began taking Pilates to strengthen her posture and technique as a professional dancer. Robin received her dance training from North Carolina School of the Arts and East Carolina University. She has performed with Atlanta Ballet, Southern Ballet Theatre, Columbia City Ballet, and has appeared as a guest artist throughout Europe and the Eastern United States.

While dancing with Atlanta Ballet, Robin began her apprenticeship with Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska. Under her leadership and teacher trainers Sari Pace and Juanita Lopez, Robin was certified and began teaching in 1997. She was the first person to be certified in the state of Georgia.

In 2005 Romana asked Robin to assist in the training of instructors and she was awarded the Level 4 status with Romana's Pilates®. She has helped trained many of the instructors teaching Pilates in Atlanta today.

Robin has a true passion for Pilates and is inspired by her clients and the remarkable changes it has made in their lives, and her own.



It is fully equipped with at least one of every piece of Mr. Pilates’ apparatus, including two cadillacs, five reformers, three wunda chairs, twelve wall units, and a guillotine, all made by Gratz.


49 Bennett St, 3rd Floor Ste D
Atlanta, GA  30309

Phone: (404) 367-8216

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