October 2020 | Greenwich, London

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Without Gratz I would feel like a pianist without a piano. In fact, it’s the only apparatus approved by Romana herself.”

- Alexandra Bohlinger - Owner & Instructor
Alexandra Bohlinger Pilates Studio



My studio is located next to Greenwich Park in a beautiful, green part of London. Although I’m originally from Brazil, London is easy to call home after living in Rio, New York, and LA. I opened Alexandra Bohlinger Pilates soon after moving to England from California in 2013. My studio is spacious, bright, and welcoming, and is the only Classical Pilates studio in South East London fully equipped with Gratz. The studio is known for its hands-on approach, the intensity of the workout, and a focus on body control and awareness. I offer a very personalized experience for every client. I also have a consistent cadre of teachers from various part of the UK that come through the studio for ongoing learning.


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The equipment in my studio includes a 23-year old Reformer that we call the “Old Man.” I also have one of the new Archival Reformers, which is a brilliant apparatus that makes you work extra hard. It takes me back to 2004 when I was working out on Joe’s original equipment at Dragos in NYC. My studio also includes a Cadillac, which Joe called the “Table,” a High Chair, a Wunda Chair, a Baby (Arm) Chair, Pedi Pole, Barrels and various “toys” such as bars, mats, and more. Gratz enables me to pass on an intelligent method of body control to my clients using brilliantly conceived equipment that has proven itself for generations. Without Gratz I would feel like a pianist without a piano. In fact, it’s the only apparatus approved by Romana herself.



About Alexandra Bohlinger

About Alexandra Bohlinger

Founder and Owner

Alexandra Bohlinger, M.Ost, is a 2nd generation Classical Pilates teacher based in London. She has a background in dance, is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and holds a Masters Degree from the British School of Osteopathy. She was certified by the legendary Romana Kryzanowska at Dragos in 2005, and has also studied with Sari Mejia Santo, Jerome Weinberg, Cynthia Shipley, Bob Liekens and Jay Grimes. She credits authentic classical Pilates with helping her ballet technique improve as well as helping her get back into great shape after three successful pregnancies, and now keeping up with her three children.
She travels internationally teaching workshops and conferences to Pilates teachers, helping them to deepen their knowledge of the Pilates Method in their own bodies and teaching. She has also produced numerous videos for Pilatesology, and conducts frequent webinars blending anatomy/physiology and the Pilates Method.

GRATZ GALLERY || Alexandra Bohlinger on the Gratz Cadillac


Greenwich, London

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