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Spine Corrector

$ 595.00


About the Spine Corrector Apparatus



Designed to meet Joseph Pilates’ specifications, our Spine Corrector is meant to strengthen muscles, lengthen the spine, and improve overall posture. The curve is identical to the one found on both the Ladder Barrel and Small Barrel, providing the user with the support necessary to successfully open the chest and restore the spine’s natural curvature. With a steep curve on one end and a shallower curve at the other, you can move through exercises that align with your specific needs.




Sturdy metal handles on each side of the apparatus add additional support during use. Expertly constructed with a sturdy wooden frame and a plush, upholstered exterior, this lightweight and portable device provides users with the ability to strengthen the back, shoulder, and abdominal muscles in the convenience of their studio. Easily open, strengthen, and realign the upper body by incorporating this professional-grade Spine Corrector into your routine.

- Upholstered Wood Frame
- Metal Handles


- Length: 29” Width: 17" Height: 12"

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