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Instant Half Cadillac Conversion with 86" Universal Reformer

$ 6,260.00

About the Instant Half Cadillac Conversion

The Instant Half Cadillac Conversion is a versatile apparatus that has been carefully engineered to provide a dynamic and thorough full-body workout. This functional piece of equipment is perfect for use in personal or professional studios where space is at a premium. On our Universal Reformer, leg and arm springs with customizable resistance levels combine with a fluid rolling carriage to create a state-of-the-art exercise environment designed to strengthen core muscle groups and improve flexibility.
The Push Thru Bar and Roll Down Bar further accommodate the individual needs of you or your student. An intelligently designed carriage and included bed inserts makes it easier than ever to transform this apparatus from a Reformer to a static Half Trapeze table. The Full Bed / Elevated Mat insert also provides you with additional versatility and customization options. Available in 86” or 89” models, this impressive apparatus comes complete with all of the tools you need to conveniently perform a comprehensive and effective full-body Pilates workout.
Engineered to provide users with a safe, convenient, and comprehensive Pilates experience, the Instant Half Cadillac Conversion Apparatus requires minimal space while helping you achieve maximum results.
Our Classic models are manufactured from a 60% post-industrial recycled aluminum that has been specially welded to achieve a steadfast, fully integrated unibody construction.
Our Designer models are proudly fabricated from a solid Rock Maple wood that is both sustainably grown and harvested.

With a stable, fully-equipped vertical tower manufactured from galvanized steel pipes, choose from either the classic Aluminum frame or designer Maple Wood frame to further customize your user experience.


The Instant Half Cadillac Conversion Apparatus includes:

- Foot Straps
- Push Thru Bar

- Roll Down Bar
- Leg Springs

- Arm Springs
- Safety Chains

- Kuna Board (optional)

- Belly Straps (optional)

The included Universal Reformer includes:

- Leather Straps

- Padded Foot Bar

- 20" Foot Straps

- 27" Extension Straps

- Upholstered Long / Short Box

- A Weighted Pole

- A pair of Rubber Pads

- Gear Blocks/Stoppers


- Insert Bed Model
Length: 86" or 89”
- Including Flanges, Bed Is 88 ¼”
Width: 26"
- Including Side Eye Bolts, Bed is 28 ½”
Height: 71 ½”
- Top of Tower
Full Bed /Elevated Mat Model
Dimensions remain the same, with the exception of height
Height: 75 7/8”
- Top of Tower
Options and Enhancements

- Classic Aluminum or Designer Maple Wood Reformer frame available.

- 86” or 89” options available.

- Select either the Standard Insert Bed or the Full Bed / Elevated Mat.

- Optional Jump Board sold separately. 

- Aluminum & Wood or Leather & Wood handles available.

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Lead Time For This Product

Due to high volume of orders we are receiving, our current lead time for this product ranges from 36 - 40 weeks. All orders are custom made in the order they are received.


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