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Atlas Pilates is the Seattle home of world class independent Pilates teacher education. Our immersive program produces Pilates teachers of the highest caliber: instructors who know the work in their own bodies and are fully prepared to teach professionally.

Atlas Pilates’ comprehensive Teacher Training Program takes about a year to complete and consists of practical training using all of the apparatus. Our students practice teaching with real clients and are provided with academic coursework in our knowledge-rich and supportive studio environment.  The four main elements of the program are:

Seminars – Three required weekend long workshops: Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced
Practicum – Observation, assisting and practice teaching
Academics – weekly classroom, tutoring, homework and quizzes
Testing– three written and practical exams

Material is presented logically and progressively in context in the working studio. Students can expect to work at least 800 hours including 150 Hours of Pilates workouts. Annual admissions are selective, there are prerequisites and a required physical assessment.

TUITION AND FEES:  see the PDF of our handbook for details



The Bridge Program allows qualified candidates to enroll in our Teacher Training Program without committing to the entire nine months to a year of required study in the Atlas Pilates studio. This option was created for the student who wishes to earn an Atlas Pilates diploma, but who for geographic or other reasons is not able to complete the entire Program on location in Seattle. Bridge Option enrollment is highly selective. Candidates may be considered qualified if they have a diploma or teaching certificate from another reputable Pilates teacher training program. For details regarding the Bridge Program, please visit our handbook.

Online Mini-Workshops with Lori-Coleman Brown
Fridays at 9am PST (Zoom),
*Dates and details on website

Online Pro Pilates Mat Classes
Mondays and Fridays at 9am PST (Zoom)

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About Lori Coleman-Brown

Lori Coleman-Brown (Director of Education and Master Pilates Instructor)
Having trained new instructors for decades, Lori manages our comprehensive program which is carefully tailored for individuals in small annual classes. Lori produces authoritative Pilates educational offerings to advance the work taught to her by Joe Pilates protegeé Romana Kryzanowska. She’s our primary resource and advocate of the Pilates Method and provides global educational outreach to other Pilates studios and the public.


Teresa Shupe (Founder)
Teresa founded Atlas Pilates in 2009. She teaches weekdays and manages every aspect of the business to ensure that Clients have the best possible experience. She was trained to teach Pilates in a comprehensive program with Lori Coleman-Brown and Dorothee VandeWalle in Seattle, was tested by Joseph Pilates protegée Romana Kryzanowska, and certified by Pilates Inc. in 1996.

Danielle Begorre (Senior Pilates Instructor & Teacher Trainer)
Danielle graduated from a rigorous comprehensive program with Lori Coleman-Brown in 2003 and has been teaching full-time since. In addition to training with Lori, she has studied with many great teachers over the years, including Romana Kryzanowska, Sari Mejia Santo, Jay Grimes, Dorothee VandeWalle, and Jodi Stolz. She continues to refine and develop her teaching through annual Pilates continuing education, workshops, anatomy classes, and study of the brain-body connection and related topics.


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