John and Elizabeth, Lovers of Classical Pilates

As you read from Roberta and David, my wife, Elizabeth Osterman, and I (John) have invested to become the majority owners of Gratz Pilates. We did this for several reasons, but mostly because we are huge fans of Gratz Pilates, and are very strong supporters of teachers and studios that teach classical Pilates. We are excited to partner with David Rosencrans and Roberta Gratz to help take Gratz Pilates into the future successfully.

I have been a customer of Gratz for over a decade. I took my first Pilates training more than 20 years ago and got much more serious with Pilates when I started taking classes from a great, classically trained instructor in 2011. I have a cliché story with how I started with Pilates back then, a story that is like many others. I injured myself skiing. A back injury that led to several challenges including very painful sciatica. The treatment recommended to me at the time was surgery, but my doctor told me that surgery was not guaranteed to be successful. He told me most of his patients do well, but the surgery does not always succeed. He suggested that if I could strengthen my core, I might be able to recover and avoid the surgery entirely. I started Pilates training and within a handful of months my symptoms disappeared, and I have been a Pilates enthusiast since then. Today, I train regularly with three different classical trainers in California. I plan to continue to train and learn more about classical Pilates.

My wife, Elizabeth, is also learning classical Pilates. We both love it.
I first connected with David Rosencrans when I learned how long it would take to have Gratz build and deliver the equipment we ordered for our home gym. Frankly, it was much longer than I had hoped. And I heard from the studios I trained with that they too had to wait longer than they thought reasonable to get their apparatus. This all got us thinking, and I reached out to David, and from that initial meeting, we also met with Roberta. We started talking and that led to our investment. We very much look forward to working closely with both David and Roberta in the years to come.

Our plan is to invest not only capital, but also our time to help Gratz. We will focus initially on two things. #1 – how we can ensure that Gratz remains a company focused on delivering exceptional quality apparatus. #2 – how we can dramatically reduce lead- times while keeping to an exceptionally high-quality standard. At least for now, that’s pretty much it. We want to ensure Gratz delivers exceptional quality in a timely manner. Earlier I mentioned that we’re devotees of classical Pilates. I’ve trained with many great, classical trainers and hope to meet many of you that train classical in the months and years ahead. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about what you are looking for from Gratz.

John Riccitiello and Elizabeth Osterman