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Mentor Prorgram

The Pilates Teacher Mentor Program at Excel Pilates is dedicated to providing high quality continuing education and mentoring to graduates of comprehensive classical Pilates teacher training programs. Through the Pilates Teacher Mentor Program at Excel Pilates, participants will go beyond standard continuing education and experience one on one attention offered through a mentor.  It is after graduation from a teacher training program that a Pilates teacher’s education and experience is tested through a variety of clients and situations. Whether teaching individually or along with other Pilates teachers, a mentor can be a valuable resource for any level Pilates teacher. This program is tailored to the needs of each participant and is designed to deepen their level of teaching and understanding of the Pilates Method.  


The program is offered both through Excel Pilates Annapolis and Excel Pilates DC.

Excel Pilates Annapolis/EPA Mobile is a collection of pre-recorded video workouts and tutorials taught by one of our second and third generation Pilates teachers guiding you through the workout. This includes exercise names, repetitions, and cues, keeping you on track and motivated through your self-practice. EPA Mobile was developed as an additional format to keep Pilates going in your life, designed for complete convenience. It was created to help you practice outside of sessions so you can get the most in sessions. There are videos for every level of Pilates students and/or teachers. Each month, new videos are added to the library. (EPA Mobile is not the starting point for someone who is new to Pilates-sessions with a teacher is step one.)





Excel Pilates Annapolis

About Excel Pilates Annapolis

Our Commitment to You and to The Original/Classical Pilates Method Excel Pilates Annapolis is a traditional, classical Pilates studio. We focus on offering sessions that incorporate the full Pilates Method with both mat exercises and working on the Pilates apparatus. We offer one on one, duet and trio sessions to maintain focus on the individual.

Our mission is to empower all participants in the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning to be in control of their own health and well-being, and to provide a supportive atmosphere in which clients may grow, learn, and be guided toward reaching their fitness potential.

We are strongly committed to the power and depth of the original, classical Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, a highly evolved and in-depth program that originated from the life's work of Joseph H. Pilates. We strive to share with, and inform clients of, the power of the Classical Pilates Method by offering sessions with experienced, professional teachers in a safe environment.

Excel Pilates Annapolis


About Kerry De Vivo

Kerry De Vivo, the owner of Excel Pilates Annapolis, is a second generation Pilates teacher. She is a certified teacher of The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning by The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO (1995) and by Romana Kryzanowska at The Pilates Studio in New York, NY (1996). She has an MFA degree in Dance and a BS degree in Arts Management. This year, Kerry celebrated her 25th year of teaching Pilates. Learn more about Kerry here.