Elevate Mentorship Course: Fall 2022

Elevate is an immersive experience...more than knowledge, it's wisdom in action. Ready? Gain insights into your capabilities, potential, strengths, and needs as a teacher. New ways to support your clients to reach their goals Fill in some of your learning “gaps” Guide you in setting attainable personal and professional goals Develop workable strategies to reach those goals Grow as a Pilates professional & person!

Elevate is an intensive 10-week Mentorship Program for comprehensively educated Pilates teachers*

It includes a combination of:

  • 8 private lessons or feedback sessions with your assigned mentor
  • Weekly group meetings with Clare Dunphy Hemani
  • Access to the online community of Elevate mentors & teachers
Location: Online
Date & Time: September 12th - November 21st, 2022

Website: https://progressivebodyworks.podia.com/elevate-mentorship-course
Email: elevate@progressivebodyworksinc.com
Phone: 617-529-3869



Clare Dunphy Hemani headshot

Clare — master mentor

Clare Dunphy Hemani is a world recognized Pilates teacher, educator, and mentor. Her roots in the field of human movement began at Northeastern University where she earned a BS in Physical Education in 1985, and holds NPCP and ACE certifications. More about Clare