From Hanne Eldhuset

"I am very happy with my new Gratz equipment. It arrived in perfect shape, and it works very well.
I will keep saving money for some more Gratz equipment, they are the best."



From Heesun Kim

"I am very happy with the reformer and the ladder barrel. They look great and work well.
The packaging was very sturdy and protective. No damage was done in the shipping. I am very pleased with my purchase.
Thank you very much!"



From Rose Yoon

"I just received my orders. The color of the mat is more beautiful than expected!
Thank you for making such a good product."



From Mounia Benjelloun

"I am very pleased with Gratz services! You really stand behind your customer and this is very appreciable.
Thanks again for the replacement of the reformer."



From Lucero Barry

"Thank you for writing. I am happy with my order. Everything arrived earlier than I expected and with no production errors! I am impressed that you are following up on order because I don’t recall a follow up in my past orders! Communication is key to a happy customer so thank you for offering the opportunity to say something. For this order is was a content customer. Thank you."



From Donna Salazar

I love my new Gratz equipment. It is beautiful and performing well. I love Gratz and want more!! Thank you for following up."



From Dolly Kimbro

"Thank you for following up on our delivery and purchase. Everything was perfect! The people at Gratz, the early delivery, the equipment, the packaging and your follow-up! It has always been a pleasure working with everyone at Gratz! Until the next time, thank you!"



From Maria Hondros

"Thank you for the follow-up. I am extremely pleased with the performance of the equipment. I expected quality from Gratz—and that is what I have. Thank you!"



From Liza Mccune

"I’m very happy with my reformer/tower combination apparatus. The quality was exactly what I expected, and the set up was extremely easy! Thank you! I’ll be back for more pieces soon!"



From Marco Dinemans

"Thanks for your email. I appreciate your request to give feedback on my recent purchase. I have been very impressed with the quality and look & feel of the equipment (Wunda Chair) so far. As with all pieces from Gratz I have purchased over the last 20 months they feel great, look amazing and are of the highest quality."



From Linay Smith

"I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the equipment! It’s gorgeous. My clients keep commenting on how lovely it is. Is there anything I can do to break in/soften the leather straps faster? Thank you so much for the follow up!!"



From Tracy Wright-Corvo

"Aloha! The service was excellent from start to finish. The items arrived to the airport and Honolulu freight delivered to me. Items were expertly packed and no damages. All set!"



From Lucy Hickey

“Thank you Gratz for the excellent customer service. All transactions, from initial orders to shipping, went very smoothly. My order arrived on both occasions ahead of the estimated arrival date which was an added bonus. The equipment is beautiful, my clients are happy and, my studio feels complete.”