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Core Mat I
The Core Mat I program is the foundation of the Power Pilates method. Each subsequent program builds upon the information learned during this course. During this weekend you will learn to teach the 18 beginner level mat exercises and be introduced to Power Pilates teaching tools, philosophy, and teaching formula. Please click here for all Core Mat I Program dates.

Core Mat II
During the Core Mat II weekend, you will learn 12 intermediate level exercises, including where to add them within the sequence of the beginner level mat class, and continue to work on your teaching skills. Our students say that "everything starts to click" during the intermediate mat weekend. Completing the Core Mat II weekend expands the range of clients you can work with and strengthens your teaching ability. Please click here for all Core Mat II program dates.

Advanced Mat
All essential components of the Power Pilates teaching tools and formula will be enriched and advanced exercises will be mastered during the Core Mat III training. Students will learn how to incorporate the advanced exercises safely and effectively into their client’s repertoire. Graduates will know how to teach a 60-minute advanced level Mat class (including modifications and variations for advancement). Power Pilates Apparatus certified students or re-attending Advanced Mat certified teachers completing this training earn 8 CECs. Please click here for all Advanced Mat program dates.

The Comprehensive training is our most extensive program and covers beginner, intermediate and advanced level exercises utilizing the Pilates apparatus - Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels, Ped-o-Pull and Magic Circle - as well as understanding how to work with Special Case clients (i.e. obesity, pregnancy, back problem, neck, knee, shoulder, etc.). You will continue to utilize and build the teaching tools learned during the Core Mat I & Core Mat II weekends. You will sharpen your eye for subtle exercise modifications and master the ability to work with people of all ages and fitness levels at the same time. The Comprehensive Apparatus program is also offered in a 12-Day Intensive format (for advanced students) and in a 3-module Systems program. See website for details on these special options. Please click here for for all Apparatus training program dates.



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About Power Pilates

As the recognized classical leader in the industry, Power Pilates trained instructors are sought after at studios and fitness facilities worldwide. By choosing to become Power Pilates educated, our students join a global community of passionate and dedicated professionals. The Power Pilates method is designed to strengthen, stretch and stabilize the body, offering unparalleled results. It is a whole body technique that not only increases stamina in a single workout, but provides the gift of strength and longevity with repeat sessions. The workout behind the brand honors the original method developed by Joseph Pilates. The Power Pilates brand maintains a distinguished presence in the Pilates industry due to the classical Pilates style where each and every movement derives from the body's core – the "powerhouse".

Power Pilates



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