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Welcome to Hilary Opheim Pilates. Traditional Method of Joseph Pilates with Private sessions in the studio, Livestream Classes, and Online Pilates studio to get your Pilates at home.

My name is Hilary Opheim and I am a Pilates Teacher, Mentor, Teacher Trainer, and Presenter with an unapologetically positive outlook!

Next class: Spring 2022 Start Date March (contact for date)

Summer 2022 June

Fall 2022 September

For Out of State Teacher Training Program click here and all are welcome to join if schedule works better for you, including local students.


Pilates Teacher Training and Mentoring

I have been teaching those who want to be Pilates teachers for over 10 years with my unique positive style and true Mentorship/Apprenticeship Programs. Teaching the work of Joseph Pilates as he created it with the why and how of the full body of work. I also include the work of Kathy Grant and her Before the Hundred work. Her tools along with the original work of Joseph Pilates is a true journey of the Pilates Method “Contrology”.

Location: 12381 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, California 90049

Phone: 310-923-8040

Email: hilary@hilaryopheim.com

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Included in your Tuition with your program:

  • Free membership for a year to 360 Pilates Teacher Trainee Access Program

  • Weekly apprentice meeting with a brief group workout, Q & A, and case studies

  • All Training Manuals

  • Written and practical exams and quizzes

  • Access to the studio for practice, observation, and assisted teaching hours

  • Participation in Mentorship Teachers monthly meetings

  • Full use of studio with all Gratz Apparatus

  • Weekend Brunch with Guest speaker on Business Skills, Marketing, Life Skills, How to maintain your Pilates career, and more.

Some additional ways you will also learn and benefit:

Anatomy- You will learn anatomical terms, bones, joints, and basic physiology of the human body. To not only know the body structure but, to be have that knowledge to guide your client and have them understand the movement pattern that is right for them.

Advisor- You will have your own advisor, someone who has been through our program before. They will be your “Guidance Counselors”, to help you learn the material, ask questions, and balance Pilates School with the rest of your life.

Mentored Teaching- 30 hours of Practice Teaching alongside me. This will help clarify the details, ensure you’re keeping you and your clients safe, and help you become the teacher you were meant to be.

Exams and Final Project- These test what you know and give you insight into where you need to grow.

Tuition and Payment    $5,600 (full payment by cash or check, discounted price)  Due before start of course. $5,800 (full price- paid by credit card)  $6100 (3 payments with installment plan). This includes Mat Training.

Mat Training only $600 and includes manual and handouts

Payment Plan:   Pay in installments with the first installment due before class begins.  A Schedule of installments will be given when you are accepted for the Teacher Training course. Depending on the course dates.

Tuition cost does not include:
Private sessions with instructors (not required but if wanted) •Professional Liability Insurance •Re-testing fees (if applicable) •Lost Manuals (Training Manual & Exercise Manuals, up to $300 to replace all) . • Required reading (list will be given ) •CPR Training fees (if applicable)

For those outside of Los Angeles, we are happy to help you find a place to stay and get around while you are here. Please contact for information.
You can also get more information HERE

For information on my Bridging/Mentorship Programs please click the button below. The program is for already Certified Teachers or have completed over 450 hours in a Teacher Training Program.


About Hilary Opheim

My Pilates journey started with my original training with John Gossett in Houston, Texas. After teaching Pilates for 10 years I opened up my own studio in January of 2005 and I have continued my journey of learning and practicing Pilates as a teacher and as a student. I am also the founder and director of the Hilary Opheim Teacher Training Program and I truly enjoy sharing the passion of teaching with those that want to become teachers. 


2022 - 2023 Pilates Events and Teacher Training Programs
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