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The foundation to fully understand the Classical Pilates Method, its underlying principles and how the Method forms a powerful, fully integrated system.

The Exhale Pilates London Teacher Training programme is an internationally recognised Classical Pilates training program.

“We don’t change the work, the work changes us.”



Full Comprehensive

When you enrol on the program you become a Trainee Apprentice and will cover the full repertoire of Classical Mat and Machine exercises in a supportive, fun and enriching teaching environment.

The course is divided into 3 levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. For each level there is a 2-3 day Workshop taught by experienced Exhale Pilates teacher trainers bringing you a wealth of knowledge, detail and teaching experience. At each Workshop apprentices receive a syllabus manual containing detailed analysis of each exercise required, complete with teaching tips and Anatomy notes.

In addition to the Workshops, training apprentices are required to complete a total of 600 hours, logged with the Education Coordinator. 200 hours are required for each of the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels of the course and each block of 200 hours is divided into:

  • 40 hours of observation
  • 55 hours of self mastery
  • 30 hours participation in Private and/or Group sessions
  • 75 hours of assisting/practice teaching

All hours are logged with your Education Coordinator. Apprentice logs will be issued by Exhale and signed by the supervising instructor regularly (every 50 hours); every 100 hours the logs must be turned in to the Exhale Education Teacher Trainer for checking.

Observation hours must be taken at EPL, or at a recognized classical studio, observing a teacher fully certified by Exhale, Pilates INC, NY Pilates or Romana Pilates, or a similar, fully comprehensive, Classical Pilates Training School recognised by Exhale.

For the self mastery part of the course it is recommended that you attend at least two Pilates classes per week.



Exams are administered upon completion of each phase. Certification is only issued once the apprentice has attended all three system workshops, completed the apprenticeship hours required and passed all exams, practical and written.

There are practical and written exams upon completion of each 200 hours apprenticeship phase. Exams are evaluated pass/fail, and apprentices must pass the requirements at each phase. Your training centre oversees this process and associated costs.

Testing will be done only by the Education Coordinator.

Levels of Exams:

  • 200 hours-practical, basic question and answer and anatomy questionnaire
  • 400 hours-practical, intermediate question and answer, written test and anatomy questionnaire
  • 600 hours-practical, advanced question and answer, written test and anatomy questionnaire and case study on a new client.

Failure to pass: 1st failure requires and additional 25 hours before retesting. Each additional failure, requires an additional 25 hours. A retest fee will be charged for each retest.

Exam retest cost: Basic £90, Intermediate £120, Advanced £150

Dates & Course Time Frame:

The training course must be completed within 12 to 14 months of entry into the Program, 12 months for Bridging. Program extensions for extenuating circumstances are granted at the sole and absolute discretion of Exhale. The Apprentice must submit a written request setting out in detail the extenuating circumstances at least one month prior to the end of the apprenticeship year.

Course Pre-Requisites & Commitment

All potential students are to take a minimum of 25 private Pilates sessions at Exhale before commencing the course. It will be at the discretion of the Education coordinator if more sessions are required before commencing.

On registering for a course with Exhale you confirm that you have read and understood the commitment of time required to complete the course. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure the course hours fit into their schedule and life commitments.

What will I learn

During your course you will learn the Art of Teaching Pilates along with a wonderful repertoire connected by precise transitions to create a rhythmic, fluid and focused workout which will build greater strength, flexibility and endurance. You will learn about the body, how to be an effective hands on instructor and how to create modifications for clients with pathologies.

You will learn:

  • Anatomy and Postural Analysis
  • Pre Pilates and modifications
  • How to identify learning needs and styles
  • The full classical repertoire from Beginner to Advanced level on the mat
  • The full classical repertoire from Beginner to Advanced level on all apparatus
  • The use and maintenance of the Pilates equipment and apparatus
  • Hands on teaching techniques for safety and efficency
  • Instructor self care whilst teaching

Part 1: Basic System: The Basic system focuses on the technical and teaching aspects of all of the apparatus at this level minus the Pedi Pole. Apparatus includes the Reformer, Wunda chair, Cadillac, Electric Chair, Ladder Barrel, Small Barrels, Magic Circle and hand weights, and mat work. Modifications for physical limitations are also covered.

Part 2: Intermediate System: The Intermediate system follows the teaching progression to this level, and outlines the appropriate evolution of work for the client. Apparatus includes the Reformer, Wunda chair, Cadillac, Electric Chair, Ladder Barrel, Small Barrels and Pedi Pole and mat work. Modifications for physical limitations are also covered.

Part 3 Advanced System: This focuses on the Advanced repertoire and breaks down the exercises to adapt to the needs of the client through identifying weaknesses, or injuries, and applying the Method with modifications for physical limitations. Apparatus includes the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Electric Chair, Ladder Barrel, Small Barrels, Pedi Pole and Mat Work.


About Gaby

Gaby Noble Pilates InstructorI discovered Pilates 18 years ago when I met my teacher Stephanie Guimond who is now a dear friend. Her passion and knowledge was addictive and that’s when I became…addicted!

I was an adrenaline junkie and always looking out for the latest fitness fad, however nothing quite kept my attention both physically and mentally as much as Pilates and I was reaping the benefits for days after.

It was in those sessions that a light bulb went off in my head and I thought – I would love to do this!

Anyone that knows true Pilates knows that to become a teacher is a massive commitment. It includes 700 hours of teaching, observation and training, and juggling a full time job was close to impossible so I parked the idea.

Four years ago I was involved in a serious car accident that left me unable to lie, sit or walk without pain, due to a compressed spine. I was unable to work for 3 months and unable to go back to any normal type of routine or training. I underwent twice-weekly Physio for the first year and gradually built up to basic Pilates moves. It was through practicing Pilates that enabled me to alleviate the pain and through my own Pilates training I am now able to maintain my strength & continue to improve my fitness whilst staying out of pain.


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