In his book Your Health, Joe Pilates made it very clear that he wanted children to learn his system of body-mind-spirit development. In fact, there are many Pilates teachers who are making his dream a reality, and yet there is still very limited information on how to maintain the integrity of the Pilates Method while adapting the exercises for young students.

Pilates for Children is an unprecedented Pilates book for teachers interested in teaching Pilates to elementary school age children on both the Mat and the Pilates equipment. Additionally, teachers will discover that the information provided in this book can be applied to students far beyond the 6-11 age range.In addition to her detailed descriptions of the exercises, author Christina Maria Gadar personalizes the material with some of the delightful conversations and interactions that have taken place while teaching her young students. And she presents many of the words of wisdom passed on to her from her mentor Romana Kryzanowska.


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