April 2024 | Goring, Oxfordshire


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“At Original Pilates, you'll have the opportunity to utilize Gratz apparatus. Exercises performed on this equipment will strengthen, stretch, and train your body for its intended purpose.”

Original Pilates UK




Our studio stands as a testament to the true essence of Pilates, as envisioned by its creator, Joseph Pilates. Passed down through generations, our founder Sophia Oh is trained by Cynthia Lochard.

Located in Goring & Streatley, our studio offers a unique opportunity to experience Pilates in its purest form. Under Sophia's guidance, you'll discover how Pilates can revolutionize your body, strengthening your core, enhancing posture, and alleviating aches and pains.

With over 1,200 hours of rigorous training and 15 years of international teaching experience, Sophia is committed to tailoring programs that address your individual needs. Whether you seek rehabilitation, increased flexibility, or athletic optimization, Sophia's expertise ensures results that transcend expectations.

At Original Pilates, we honor tradition by exclusively utilizing Gratz equipment. These apparatus facilitate exercises that strengthen, stretch, and train your body in alignment with its natural design. Join us on a journey of transformation, where the legacy of Joseph Pilates lives on through every movement, every session. Experience the authenticity of Pilates at Original Pilates—where tradition meets innovation, and true mastery awaits.

Learn faster and go deeper with us.







The studio is fully equipped with Gratz apparatus.





Trained in Sydney and certified to the highest international standard, Sophia can draw upon the entire Pilates method of hundreds of exercises to meet your specific exercise goals.

With over 1,200 hours training, continuing annual training and 15 years international teaching experience in Sydney, Oxford, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Sophia has helped countless people change their bodies for the better.

Whether it be strengthening, increasing flexibility, control, balance, posture, rehabilitating an injury or optimising the efficiency of a professional athlete, Sophia will tailor you a program targeted to your needs.

Joseph designed this system for the benefit of everyone. We are here to pass it down through the generations...






Original Pilates UK

4, The Arcade, High Street
Goring, Oxfordshire

Phone: +44 7888 222223
Email: sophia@originalpilates.co.uk
Website: https://originalpilates.co.uk/

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