Vivian Piccone Jung

Gratz Spine Correct | Ballet Stretches

I love the kindness of the Spine Corrector. Joseph Pilates’ genius shines through on this apparatus. Being close to the floor allows for adjustments for each body as the spine is gently coaxed into a variety of positions. The Gratz Spine Corrector follows the curves that are best for the spine and it has the right amount of softness to hardness that promotes stretch and strength together. 


About Vivian Piccone Jung

Vivian is trained in Authentic Pilates (Contrology) through the line of Joseph Pilates – Romana Krysanowska – Sari Mejia Santo / Inelia Garcia. Vivian holds full certifications from both Romana’s Pilates and Authentic Pilates Inelia Garcia. Vivian also completed Cadaver Anatomy Experiential Learning from Tom Myers, and movement anatomy training from Irene Dowd.

Through the experience of working with so many different body types, injuries and anomalies, Vivian has developed an eye and instincts to be able to feel what each body needs. She honors each client’s current abilities and skillfully brings each person to a more balanced place in their body to alleviate pain, strengthen and tone muscles and exceed their fitness goals...


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