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Verónica Ruiz

ASSISTANCE WITH LEG SPRINGS on the Gratz Studio Wall Unit

The pleasure of guiding in bicycle exercise.
I guide the athlete into the stretch and control phase. The muscles of the legs and hips of a soccer player need to balance strength and elasticity for better performance and reduce the impact of injury.

Verónica Ruiz

Assistance with Leg Springs Gratz Studio Wall Unit

The correct body position and muscular balance are a guarantee for the optimal performance of the athletes. We analyze the most repeated actions during the game depending on the position of the player. We select Pilates exercises that give strength, stretching and precision of movement. We both extend our vision as coaches and we try to apply Pilates as It is, A HEALTHY TOOL FOR ATHLETES.



About Veronica Ruiz

Santi Escudero is a former soccer player and coach (Level Pro Spain). He has been a professional Coach in the Real Madrid Foundation and Villarreal FC (Spanish League teams), in South Melbourne (Championship NPL 1-Australia), and Monash A.S (Championship Premier League Academy, Melbourne).

He hopes to travel again to Australia soon, but in the meantime we keep will practicing Pilates together. He experienced first-hand the benefits of Pilates for athletes. So we hope to spread the potential of The Pilates Method with a program that we are developing. It's aimed to promote the performance and health of soccer players.

IG account: @pilatesambassador_veronicaruiz ; @santiescudero0



July 2020


Gratz Wunda Chair

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