Tee on Gratz Wunda Chair

Image courtesy of Westside Pilates


Reverse Mountain Climber | WUNDA CHAIR
Encompasses balance, stretch and strength while preforming it on the Wunda chair. A great exercise to challenge your core, butt and legs from the norm.


About Tee Encarnacion
is a maintenance engineer, overseeing real-estate properties and staff. Raised in the Bronx, Teofilo picked up his technical skills in several fields of work while working at his family's auto shop.  He is very familiar with the mechanics of how each part works together to perform its important function. Over the past several years, Teofilo has been working in property management. He has become a jack of all trades, having experience in painting, carpentry, construction, electrical etc. He is also a comprehensive Pilates instructor from Real Pilates.


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