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LAB Pilates is a boutique studio in midtown Manhattan, fully equipped by Gratz. Opened in 2021 by Romana’s Pilates Instructor, Summer Reed, her studio has become a sanctuary for clients seeking pure, classical Pilates with an emphasis on warmth and joy. 




About Summer ReedAbout Summer Reed at Lab Pilates

Summer Reed was one of the youngest Romana's Pilates instructors to ever be certified. With 10 years of teaching under her belt and opening her own business before the age of 30, she has an energetic yet wise approach to her work.

Originally from Austin, TX, Summer was a professional ballerina. She was selected as an American Ballet Theater National Training Scholar for 5 consecutive years and danced in Pittsburgh until injuries led her to Romana's Pilates.

Over the years Summer has enjoyed playing soccer, water/snow skiing, and working with her grandfather on his farm. She also plays flute and guitar, and loves cooking for friends and family. She has scoliosis, and the pain relief she gets from Pilates allows her to make it through the hardest workout of all - babysitting her niece and nephew!

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