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Saul Choza Gratz Gallery
Universal Reformer | Archival Balance Control 4, "Russian Squats"
Winsor Choza Pilates has become a learning center where teachers worldwide have reinspired their love for Pilates. Los Angeles based instructors Brianna Masson and Dane Sorenson are learning the Balance Control 4 (Russian Squat) on the Gratz Reformer. I first introduced this exercise by choking the straps and lifting the arms, like in Thigh Stretch. This setup gives students stability and it provides a safer way to introduce the practice.

About Saul Choza

Winsor Choza Pilates founder Saul Choza is passionate about transforming bodies through the art and science of Pilates. His twentyseven-year evolution as an instructor is the result of a desire to integrate new, complementary fitness modalities into a traditional Pilates practice. The results speak for themselves: Saul is honored to work with a loyal client roster that includes Hollywood's elite entertainers in music, fashion, film and powerhouse corporate executives who require a healthy dose of fitness to balance their busy careers. His commitment to the craft has also gained media accolades for bringing clients transformative results, including features in Vogue, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, and others.

At the start of his career, Saul met and began training with Mari Winsor, Hollywood's premiere pilates instructor. Thus began a two-decade relationship, with Saul taking on a role as a Winsor senior instructor and appearing in many of the famous Winsor Fitness videos that brought global attention to the Pilates movement...



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