Gratz Gallery | Sandy Shimoda performing the Leg Circles onto the Head exercise on the Spine Corrector

Image courtesy of Sandy Shimoda and Pilatesology


"An exercise that challenges the coordination of the body and the agility of the spine. To begin the exercise, the hips rest near the crest of the spine corrector and the back of the head and upper back are on the mat. The legs are extended long toward the ceiling and are ready to initiate the movement with a generous leg circle that halts with the legs together at the bottom of the circle. As the legs come together, use the handles to lift the upper back into an arch as the top of the head is placed onto the mat with control. This is the moment captured in the photo. To complete the exercise, circle the arms in the same direction as the legs. Then, secure the upper back by holding the handles as the legs return to the start position while the upper body returns to its start position. Be sure that the head lifts, rather than slides to the mat." - Sandy Shimoda


About Sandy Shimoda
Romana Certified Teacher. Sandy is the owner of Vintage Pilates in West Los Angeles where she enjoys teaching Joe's work to men, women, and children of varying ages and physical conditions. Under the direction of Jay Grimes, she oversees The Vintage Pilates Teachers Programs that offer continuing education to certified teachers of all disciplines. Her goal for the teachers program was to design in-studio, online and international programs that provide a supportive learning environment in which to study Joe Pilates' original teachings.

Sandy has been teaching in the fitness and dance industry since 1988. She obtained Pilates certification from Romana Kryzanowska; studied at Pilates Seattle International with Lori Coleman-Brown, Lauren Stephen and Dorothee Vandewalle, and has studied regularly with Jay Grimes for more than a decade. Sandy has appeared in Pilates Style magazine and in DVDs for GAIAM and Classical Pilates. She is also a regular contributor to Pilatesglossy’s international online magazine. Sandy travels as a guest teacher in private studios and at conferences in the States and worldwide. (Source)


Sandy Shimoda | Vintage Pilates

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