Gratz Gallery | Peter Fiasca performing the Long Spine Massage on the Universal Reformer

Image courtesy of Peter Fiasca


"This is the one of the most challenging and satisfying exercises using two springs. Begin by establishing the movement in supine and legs in Frog position. Extend the legs after scooping and lengthening in opposition, while evenly articulating through the entire spine, lifting legs and torso away from the Universal Reformer carriage, passing through a high diagonal position. As the body continues to lift-lengthen, abdominal and back muscles increase intensity, arc, and reach upward toward the Universal Reformer spring bar so that our legs respond in opposition and direction, lifting high above and behind the visual focus. After stretch-lifting overheard beyond one's highest point, the body begins to reverse direction with our toes nearly sliding across the ceiling achieving an even higher diagonal forward over the Reformer carriage. With lift, reach and levitation, torso lengthens outward and across the apparatus as legs come together to lift again." - Peter Fiasca


About Peter Fiasca
Peter's unique perspective comes from years of experience as a Romana Kryzanowska certified Pilates teacher. His many years of study culminate into intriguing and fun workshops that periodically highlight the interrelationship between traditional Pilates and overall health. Because of his extensive work as a teacher trainer, instructors, students and the public can benefit from Peter's insights into the traditional Pilates method. Peter's devotion with Pilates began in 1988, when he took his first class at Wee-Tai Hom's studio in Manhattan. As his passion grew, he pursued teacher training at Drago's Gym, receiving certification in 1998 from famed master teacher Romana Kryzanowska. Over the years, he honed his teaching and his practice with regular lessons from Romana, as well as from master trainers Jay Grimes, Kathy Grant, and other distinguished, traditional instructors. Peter continues to study the work and has dedicated himself to the preservation of the Pilates method, creating the worldwide directory of traditional instructors. Producer and director of the award-winning Classical Pilates Technique series of six DVDs and author of the critically reviewed companion book, Discovering Pure Classical Pilates, he has been a frequent guest instructor at training centers throughout the U.S., Europe, and South America. Peter's book is translated into Spanish language: Descubriendo el Pilates Clásico. During 2013 he released a new book titled Voices of Classical Pilates, which is an extraordinary collection of essays written by 28 well-respected professional Classical Pilates teachers. Peter appeared in Romana Kryzanowska's first commercial DVD project, demonstrating the Pilates Mat workout, as well as the DVD "Pilates Revealed," with master teacher Jay Grimes.


Peter Fiasca | Classical Pilates

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