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Nancy Chin Gratz Cadillac


CADILLAC // - Thigh Stretch on the Cadillac stretches more than the thighs. It lengthens the whole spine. At the same time, it helps strengthen the abdominals, seat and the whole back side of the body. Great example of the benefits of Pilates -- stretch and strength at the same time


"It has been six months since my total hip replacement. Gratz apparatus really helped me rebuild my strength so I feel better than ever."



About Nancy Chin

About Nancy Chin
Nancy owns Pilates Avenue in Los Gatos, Calif., and has been teaching Pilates since 2001. She is a graduate of The Work, an intensive program for certified teachers directed by first generation master instructor Jay Grimes. Nancy was originally trained in classical Pilates by Romana-trained Allison Gonzalez and was certified in New York City by Bob Liekens. She also holds a variety of certifications and a B.S. degree in kinesiology and psychology from UCLA. Nancy loves helping to empower people with Pilates. Once they kick butt in the pilates studio, they kick butt outside of the studio too. 




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