About Martin Reid

Martin Reid started in the fitness industry in 2002 after finishing playing football for the University of Waterloo and starting a career in the social services.  It was during that time as a social worker that he realized he could make a difference helping people feel better through fitness.  In 2002, he left the social services to start a personal training business called Personal Victory.  

Over time, Martin has worked in both big box gyms and boutique spaces as a fitness professional.  In 2008 Martin completed his first Pilates mat certification and has continued to pursue mastering this craft.  After completing a comprehensive Pilates certification with Peak Pilates in 2014, Martin recognized the importance of a regular Pilates practice in both his clients' programming as well as his own personal practice. In 2019, Martin completed an apprenticeship at Lili Viola Pilates instructed by Chris Robinson.  Through Chris's instruction, Martin was inspired to continue to learn more of the system Joseph Pilates originally called Contrology.


Martin Reid
Owner of Reid Method Pilates Studio
Mississauga, Canada 


e:  c:416-567-7343


Personal Victory your fitness consulting company

Winner of the Committed Entrepreneurs Award 2010


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