Gratz Gallery | Marian & Miguel on the Gratz Push Up Device

Marian and Miguel on Gratz Push Up Device
Push Up Device | Front Splits / Kneeling

Gratz Push Up Device is optimal to develop the strength and alignment throughout the arm into the upper girdle without putting any strain on your wrists. The ergonomic shape of this accessory enables you to improve your Push Ups, Handstands and all their variations maintaining straight and long wrists, which is indispensable to better access your upper back. On top of this, you can always adjust the placement of this device in order to work shoulder width or wider, a super valuable feature specially for those who have broad or tight shoulders.

In these pictures, founders of PILATISTIC® Old School Pilates, Marian Tarín and Miguel Jorge, are performing the Push Up One Leg/ Leg Pull Front and the gymnastic L-Sit (respectively) in beautiful Aiguablava, Costa Brava (Girona).

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Marian Tarín is a world- renowned teacher of teachers and a multilingual freelance journalist who unites these two professions transforming the Pilates Method into an unparalleled science of communication and exploration of physical, mental and emotional self-knowledge.  Among many others, Marian has been featured in the leading magazine PILATES STYLE.

College Professor Miguel Jorge is World Champion Aerobics’ Coach (USA, 1996). With more than 50 years of experience as a professional athlete and trainer of indoor football, surf, water polo and rhythmic gymnastics, Miguel has not suffered from any injury through his entire career. His vast knowledge in sports competition, exercise and movement makes him a one of a kind Pilates teacher.

Marian and Miguel share their unique perspective of health and movement at conferences and events around the world. The global perspective of the Pilates Method acquired abroad drove them to create the topnotch masters’ degree PILATISTIC®. Today, teachers from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and the United States have experienced this transforming program.



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